Undergraduate Not Returning

What is the Not Returning Process?

The Not Returning process should be pursued if a student is transferring to another college, will be absent for a semester, or has decided not to continue at Fredonia.  

* If you need to medically withdraw from Fredonia, please go to the medical withdrawal webpage.

Step 1: Click on the 'Not Returning Form' link 

**to fill out the form, you must be logged-in via your Fredonia account  

Important Things to Know About Not Returning

  • A student shall not be exempt from disciplinary proceedings for behavioral infractions which occurred prior to leaving. A withdrawal does not override a student conduct (judicial) referral.

  • International students should consult with International Support Services before submitting a 'Not Returning Form.'

  • Students who are using Military and/or Veteran Benefits should contact Veteran Support Services before not returning to determine eligibility for future funding.

  • Students in the Educational Development Program (EDP) should consult with their EOP counselor before not returning to determine eligibility for future EDP funding.

If you plan on returning at some point please click Readmission and Reinstatement for additional information

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What is the Not Returning Process? 

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Things to Consider

Academic Advising Services

4th Floor - Reed Library

phone: 716-673-3188


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