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We realize you may not be new to college, but you are new to Fredonia and we are here to help!

Welcome Transfers!

Every transfer student has a unique background and has taken a different academic path to Fredonia. Fredonia is committed to providing transfer students with guidance during this academic and social change. We provide programs and initiatives that will ease the transition process for transfer students to make becoming a Fredonian that much more effortless.  

We work in collaboration with our area community colleges and Fredonia faculty to establish transfer credit equivalencies and provide accurate transfer credit evaluations. Whether you are a new transfer, a first-year student with college credit from high school, or a current Fredonia student planning to take courses elsewhere and transfer the credit back, you can find advice and assistance at our office.

make an Appointment with the transfer advisor

Considering Fredonia? Make an appointment with the Transfer Academic Advisor and discuss your pathway to Fredonia! Here are just a few items to consider:

1) Transferring Credits ‘Unofficial Transfer Credit Evaluation Form

2) Time to Degree Completion

3) Academic Planning e.g. Academic programs and majors

Fredonia's Next Steps website will provide you the information necessary to complete your next steps to being fully enrolled at Fredonia.

The Big Blue Student Success Guide will help you navigate how to do things at Fredonia.  Many of the digital tools and policies may be very similar to your previous school, but it's important to us that you understand how to use them here at Fredonia.

Big Blue Student Success Guide

How will your credits transfer?  Great question! Fredonia has a tool in which you can help you figure that out, check out our Transfer Equivalencies Resource page.  

NOTE: Not all colleges and/or courses are represented on this page, so please call the Registrar's Office at 716-673-3171, with questions about transfer credit. 

Entering Fall 2023

  • Students may apply a maximum of 66 transfer credits to the lower division (Fredonia equivalent course at the 100/200 level towards their baccalaureate degree.)
  • Students may apply an additional 9 credits at the upper-division (Fredonia equivalent courses at the 300/400 level towards their baccalaureate degree.)

Additional Considerations

  • Students who have a SUNY A.A. or A.S. degree are guaranteed 60 transfer credits.  Credits from colleges outside the SUNY system are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • Fredonia currently has a residence requirement of 45 credits; we cannot take more than 75 transfer credits.
  • If a student does not transfer in 66 lower-level credits, they can transfer in more upper-level credits. 

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