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Accepted Transfer Students

Transfer Student Checklist

Helpful resources for transfer students can be found through our Transfer Student Services Office.

✔ Send Your Deposit

Your $100 deposit reserves your space in your class and a spot in the Residence Halls. Students not living on campus may pay only the $50 Academic/Admissions Deposit. 

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✔ Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Office will notify you of your aid eligibility by means of a Financial Aid Award Letter. This will be sent to you after you have been accepted by the Admissions Office and after we receive the results from your FAFSA. You will need to add Fredonia (School Code: 002844) to your FAFSA form to receive Financial Aid. You will also need to change your TAP school code to Fredonia (0915). Please follow the instructions on the back of the Award Letter to accept/decline your aid and complete the necessary loan requirements such as the e-MPN and Entrance Counseling. Additionally, please be sure to complete any other requirements such as Financial Aid Verification that you are notified about as soon as possible. Questions regarding this process can be directed to the Office of Financial Aid at 716-673-3253.

✔ View Your Transfer Evaluation

Approximately two weeks after your acceptance, a Transcript Evaluation will be available for you to view online. To view your evaluation of credit, log on to "Your Connection". Your login credentials are your Fredonia ID# and Pin. From there, you can go to the Admissions Applicant tab and "View Your Transfer Credits". 

✔ Course Registration

How do my credits transfer?
What about AP, IB or Clep Credits?
Fredonia Course Catalog 

It is imperative that you send your final college transcripts to Fredonia. Without this information, we won't have your most up-to-date transferable credit on file. Transfer students should request that transcripts from their current college be sent to the Registrar's Office at Fredonia.

To simplify the registration process, your first-semester schedule is built for you based on the college credit you have accumulated. Once your deposit is submitted, the process of building your schedule will begin. To view your schedule, log-in to "Your Connection" and click "View Student Schedule."

Changes to this schedule will be made during an Academic Advising session. Students will receive an email when they are eligible to meet with an advisor.

✔ Housing

Upon receiving your housing deposit (see above), the Office of Residence Life will send you instructions on completing the Housing Application and Roommate Matching. You may indicate your preference for residence hall placement, including suite or corridor style, or roommate request. 

For more information about housing, please visit the Office of Residence Life webpage. 

✔ Complete your Health Requirements

After placing your deposit, you will need to complete and mail a copy of your immunization records to:

The State University of New York at Fredonia
LoGrasso Hall Health Center
Fredonia, NY 14063

✔ Complete the FREDReady Enrollment Program!

We have designed a two-step process to prepare both first-year and transfer students for the transition to Fredonia. This process includes completing a FREDReady Mini-Course online (to finalize enrollment) and New Student Orientation (official introduction to the campus community). Students will be automatically enrolled in this program and receive an email when they can start it.

What kind of antivirus do I need on my computer? How can I connect to my FREDMail e-mail account? Learn more about e-services before you get to campus. 

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