Withdrawal / Not Returning

Policies and Procedures

If you are thinking about taking time away from Fredonia for educational, personal, and/or other reasons, please review the chart below to help determine which category best fits you and then click the correlated link.

Any questions contact Academic Advising Services at 716-673-3188 or

Leave of Absence   Granted for medical, military, or jury duty Link
Medical  Under certain situations where a student's health or well-being prevents continued enrollment Link
Withdrawal   A student who plans to leave Fredonia before the end of the semester Link

Not Returning

 A student who plans on completing the semester and not returning to Fredonia for the next semester


Things To Consider


What is a Withdrawal?

What is the Not Returning Process? 

What is a Leave of Absence?

What is a Medical Withdrawal?

What is Reinstatement / Readmission?

Things to Consider

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