Graduate Student Withdrawal/Not-Returning

Policies and Procedures

If you are a graduate student and thinking about taking time away from Fredonia for educational, personal, and/or other reasons, please review the two options below to help you determine which option best fits.

*Additionally, please be aware of the withdrawal deadline which can be found on the academic calendar.

If you have any questions regarding any of the information below, please contact Academic Advising Services at 716-673-3188 or


The Withdrawal Process

A student who finds it necessary to leave the university before the end of a semester must officially withdraw by the deadline published in the academic calendar. To begin the process start by downloading and filling out the 'Withdrawal Form,' which can be found below in step 1.

*Students will be permitted to withdraw during the final three weeks of the semester ONLY for reasons due to illness or other cogent reasons as determined by the Office of Student Affairs. You can email Student Affairs at,

Step 1: Graduate Withdrawal Form

Step 2: Return the completed form to Academic Advising Services (located on the 4th floor in the Reed Library), or email a copy to,

The Not-Returning Process

The Not Returning process should be pursued if a graduate student plans to COMPLETE the current semester, but knows they are not planning to return in the upcoming semester.

Step 1: Click on the 'Not Returning Form' link 

**to fill out the form, you must be logged-in via your Fredonia account  

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