Things to Consider

Things To Consider

Making the decision to withdraw, not returning, or take a leave of absence is not always easy.

You'll likely have many questions as you go through the process. We're here to help you make an informed decision by providing you information you may need to make the best decision.

Below are things to consider that will be directly affected by your decision to withdraw, not return, or take a leave of absence.

How taking a withdrawal, not returning, or leave of absence will affect my...

1. Grades and Academic Standing

  • Scenario I: If you leave during a semester but the last day you attend class is before the last day to Drop and Add (the fifth day of classes), your classes will be dropped and not appear on your official transcript.
  • Scenario II: If the last day you attend class is after the last day to drop but before the last day to Withdraw, your grades will be reported as all WC grades, and your academic standing will be carried forward from the previous semester.
  • Scenario III: If the last day you attend classes is after the last day to withdraw in that semester, you will receive whatever grades your instructors report for you - most likely 0.0's, if you have not been regularly attending your classes. After the last day to withdraw, a Leave of Absence or Withdrawal will not be processed until after the grades are entered at the end of the semester.
  • Scenario IV: Academically dismissed students are not eligible for either leaves or withdrawals from the College.

2. Financial Aid

  • If you are receiving any form of financial aid (including, scholarships, grants, loans) and are considering any of the withdrawal options from Fredonia, you are STRONGLY encouraged to contact the Financial Aid Office prior to making the decision to withdraw, as withdrawing from the College can affect current and future aid.

Financial Aid Office
209 Maytum Hall

3. Student Accounts 

  • For the most up-to-date information regarding refund policies due to withdrawing from college, please refer to the Student Accounts website.


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Things to Consider

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