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Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawal Policy

The following information refers to withdrawal from the university for non-disciplinary reasons or your cancellation activity in any course. Complete withdrawal or schedule changes made after classes begin will affect your financial liability and your financial aid eligibility. Contact the Director of Student Accounts and the Financial Aid Office with your questions. Please note that tuition and fee liability is based upon the length of your course and the date your registration cancellation becomes effective. JTerm calculations and mini-courses will follow the Summer Sessions chart below.

*** Important Message for Financial Aid Recipients:

When a student withdraws prior to completing over 60% of the semester, the student may no longer be eligible for the full amount of Title IV funds they were awarded. Students that receive Title IV federal student aid/funds (such as Stafford/Plus loans, PELL, SEOG, Teach, and federal military benefits) are awarded under the assumption that they will attend school for the entire period for which the assistance is awarded. For additional information regarding the repayment of Title-IV federal aid, please call or email contact the Student Accounts Office


If the Registrar receives written Notice during the first four (4) weeks of the Fall or Spring semester, TUITION and fees will be reduced on a percentage basis as follows:

FALL 2021

Withdrawal during period ending 8/27/2021 9/3/2021 9/13/2021 9/20/2021
Percentage Reduced 100% 70% 50% 30%


Withdrawal during period ending 1/28/2022 2/4/2022 2/11/2022 2/18/2022
Percentage Reduced 100% 70% 50% 30%
Please note: No reductions after 4th week. College fee is non-refundable as of first day of classes. Refunds of less than $1.00 by request only.

The FSA Office and the Office of Residence Life will calculate the reduced charges for room and board.


Refund Schedule: The College Fee is not refundable after the start of May Term, Summer Extended, Summer I or Summer II. Tuition, Student Services and Program Fee refunds are based on the day that the Office of the Registrar records the drop. It is the student's obligation to notify the Registrar. Notifying the course instructor is not valid for purposes of tuition refund. Tuition and Fee refunds are based on the week or day of the drop (see schedule below). The first week ends on Friday of the week the course begins. If the course begins on Thursday, the second day (Friday) is the end of the first week.

  1st 2nd 3rd
6 weeks 100% 30% 0%
5 weeks 100% 25% 0%
  2nd Day of Classes Remainder First Week 2nd
4 weeks 100% 50% 0%
3 weeks 100% 35% 0%
2 weeks 100% 20% 0%
1 week 0% 0% 0%

In accordance with SUNY policy, no student is allowed to register for future semesters until all tuition, fees and other current financial liabilities have been paid.

*In accordance with SUNY policy, a student who is dismissed for academic or disciplinary reasons prior to the end of an academic term shall be liable for all tuition and fees due for that term.

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