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Tuition, Fees, and University Charges

2024-2025 Undergraduate Cost of Attendance

Per Semester ChargesCost
Tuition (in-state, semester)$3,535.00
Annual ChargesCost
Tuition (in-state, annual)$7,070.00
ANNUAL TOTAL$24,421.00
Charge In-State   Non-Resident 
Tuition (12+ credits)$3,535.00$9,005.00
Fees (12+ credits)$880.50$880.50
Cost per credit hour 
(if registered as part-time)
Undergraduate cost per credit hour details  

Graduate Tuition & Fees (per semester)

Charge In-State Non-Resident Non-Resident in Fully Online Program 
Tuition (12+ credits)$5,655.00$12,250.00$6,785.00
Fees (12 + credits)$880.50$880.50$880.50
Cost per credit hour (if registered as part-time)$544.00$1,094.00$638.00
Graduate cost per credit hour details   


Housing (per semester)

Rooms 2024-20252023-2024 
Double occupancy$4,200/semester$4,100/semester
Single occupancy*$4,900/semester$4,800/semester
Kitchen suite (double room)$4,400/semester$4,300/semester
Kitchen suite (single room)*$5,100/semester$5,000/semester
University Commons (double room)$4,400/semester$4,300/semester
University Commons (single room)$5,100/semester$5,000/semester
University Village (townhouse)$5,150/semester$5,050/semester
*includes elevator rooms  
All rates are subject to change pending approval.
Contact the Residence Life Office for more information.

Refund Schedule
Please note: Per our student handbook, refund only occurs in the case of withdrawal from the university.


Withdrawal during period 1/22/24 - 1/30/241/31/24 - 3/12/243/13/24 - 5/17/24
Percentage Reduced100%50%0%


Withdrawal during period 8/26/24-9/2/249/3/24-10/14/2410/15/24-12/20/24
Percentage Reduced100%50%0%


Meal Plans (per semester), 2024-2025

Meal plans are available for both on and off campus students. There are some requirements for those students living on campus with regards to specific meal plans. 

Enrollment and Balance

Resident Meal Plan Options

 Meal Plan costs are per semester and are tax exempt. May be used Sunday through Saturday during normal business hours.

1$3,595Meals: 21 per week Points: 300 per semester Feed-a-friend: 5 meals
2$3,415Meals: 19 per week Points: 425 per semester Feed-a-friend: 5 meals
3$3,275Meals: 14 per week Points: 425 per semester Feed-a-friend: 5 meals
4$3,130Meals: 10 per week Points: 425 per semester Feed-a-friend: 5 meals
5$3,100Meals: 7 per week Points: 700 per semester Feed-a-friend: 5 meals
6$3,225Points: 2825 Feed-a-friend: 5 meals
7*$2,850Meals: 7 per week Points: 400 per semester Feed-a-friend: 5 meals
* Plan 7 is for Juniors and Seniors only.

Commuter Meal Plan Options

PlanCost Details

Points Plan All Points Meal Plans available for Commuter Students. 

Commuter Students may also select any Residence Meal Plan.

* C-75 must be purchased as the FSA Office in Gregory Hall. This plan cannot be selected online thru myFSA, as is not added to your semester e-bill.

Cranston Marche Points Prices

Points prices for all-you-care-to-eat dining.


Student Meal Plans Accepted

Convenience Store X
Cranston MarcheXX
FSA Cafes and ConcessionsXX
Willy C’sXX

Meal Allowance

  • In exchange for using a meal in Willy C’s, Cafes, and Concessions you are given a retail allowance of $8.50. 
  • In exchange for using a meal at Starbucks you are given a retail allowance of $6.00.

Rollover Points

  • Unused points at the end of the Fall Semester may be rolled over to the Spring semester as long a meal plan is selected for Spring. 
  • Rollover points may not be used to reduce the cost of your Spring Meal Plan. 
  • There is no rollover from Spring to Fall.


Tuition and Fee Schedules

Note: Tuition and Fee Schedules are subject to change without notice. Status as a full-time student requires 12 or more semester hours. It is the student's responsibility to be aware of how the student status affects billing and financial aid funding. The tuition charge is based on your residency, level and course selection. The College Fee is a non-refundable SUNY fee and is based on the number of credits you are registered for. The Student Services Fee is a comprehensive fee based on the number of credits you are registered for and supports services, activities and programs. See the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information on the Student Services Fee.

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Fall and Spring Rates 2024-2025:  View tuition & fee rate tables

Summer Rates 2024: View tuition & fee rate table


Rates for Non-Matriculated Graduate Students

Non-matriculated graduate students are charged tuition according to the level of the course. During the Fall and Spring semesters only, students taking 12 or more hours will be charged according to the course level combination with a minimum charge equal to the full-time undergraduate rate and the maximum capped at the full-time graduate rate, determined also by their residency status. During Summer and J-Term sessions, there is no limit or set maximum. Fees are consistent. [ Back to Top ]


Military In-State Tuition Information

Please visit the SUNY site for more information on military in-state tuition.

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Fredonia Debit Account

This pre-paid, taxable debit account may be opened with a minimum deposit. This charge will show up as a direct cost on your eBill if you sign up before the end of the first week of classes. Contact the FSA Office at 716-673-3417 ext. 6228 for more information regarding the advantages of opening the Fredonia Debit Account and to find out about the other services they provide. [ Back to Top ]

Other Fees

Late Payment/Administrative Fee: 

Required payment must be received prior to the due date printed on the eBill. A late fee is assessed for any account not paid by the due date. See below for the late payment fee structure. An additional fee ($20.00) is charged for Returned Checks and Returned Check transactions. Double check your bank routing and account numbers when paying online!

Late Payment Fee Structure:

Balance $250 -$999.99          $30

Balance $1,000-1,999.99       $40

Balance $2000 or more          $50

Registration Fees: Students who register on or after the first day of classes may be charged a Late Registration fee in the amount of $40.00. Contact the Registrar's office if you have any questions regarding registration fees that may be charged for add, drop or withdrawal transactions that take place after established deadlines. Please refer to the Registrar's Office Calendar for specific date information. Also review the tuition and fee liability/refund schedule to determine how your choices will affect your financial status.

Orientation Fees: All new students are assessed an orientation fee. Students not attending a summer orientation session will have the opportunity to attend the late orientation session held before classes start and will be assessed an orientation fee on their first eBill. 

Additional fees: Many courses have approved associated fees assessed at the time of registration. Music majors are also assessed a per credit hour fee regardless of courses taken. 

Fines are assessed for parking violations, the late return or loss of library materials, and failure to return equipment. If you are traveling abroad for study or if you are a visiting student from a foreign country, you can find information about additional costs by contacting the International Education Center at 716-673-3451. [ Back to Top ]

Student Accounts

  • Finance and Administration 306 Maytum Hall State University of New York at Fredonia Fredonia, NY 14063

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