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Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997

Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 Information

The annual Form 1098-T issued by the State University of New York at Fredonia includes the required amounts for eligible charges, scholarships and grants applied to your account during the calendar year. The University cannot determine if you qualify for one of the tax credits or the amount of credit that may be allowed. We suggest that you order the necessary tax forms if you intend to complete your own return or consult a tax advisor. It is recommended that you review prior year 1098-T information, current year 1098-T information as well as your account summary for the calendar year to determine your credit. The University is not in the position to offer tax advice and we request that you do not call the institution for any further information than is offered on this web page.  'Your Connection' will provide you with the detailed information that was reported to the IRS. From the Main Menu, choose Student Services and then Student Accounts to see the Tax Notification option. Additionally, if you have misplaced your form 1098-T, you are now able to view and print copies of the 1098-T form submitted to the IRS by accessing your TouchNet eBill/ePayment site. Follow the links in ‘Your Connection’ to view eBill/1098T statements. Make sure you allow pop-ups on the site. If you have signed up ‘authorized users’ in order to enable them to view and pay your bill on the secure TouchNet site, you will also be able to allow access to your 1098-T by editing their profile. You are NOT required to mail the Form 1098-T with your tax return. 

Form 1098-T


How To Obtain More Information and Order Tax Forms

Information on tax benefits and your eligibility may be obtained either from the Department of Taxation-Internal Revenue Service or from your tax advisor.

Visit the IRS Web Site For further information about Education Credits or to download tax forms needed to claim the available credits for you or your dependents. Refer to IRS Publication 970 to familiarize yourself with the various provisions of the tax benefits for higher education.

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