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Retention and Academic Success

The office of Retention and Academic Success provides leadership in the Division of Academic Affairs for undergraduate education and support of student success.

Our goal is to strengthen a culture of re-enrollment at Fredonia through identifying, supporting, and communicating campus wide persistence strategies and tactics. We focus on coordinating efforts that significantly influence a student’s persistence through:

  • Proactive transition triage and building a sense of belonging
  • Early academic recovery intervention
  • Non-registered student outreach
  • Addressing emergency/hardship funding

The Retention and Academic Success Team of the Academic Affairs division represents several departments and specialized programs

Academic Support Services

Special Programs

Retention Calendar

This calendar outlines campus or department initiatives, programs, and campaigns that influence student retention and persistence.  It outlines a description of the tactic, who may be involved, and contact information for those leading the efforts.  Our intent is that this calendar will be helpful for programs and departments to understand their role in retention activities and aligning resources to support students.


A summary of Fredonia’s retention data is in progress.  Please address any inquiries by email to Erin Mroczka, Interim Associate Vice President of Retention and Academic Success at retention@fredonia.edu


Emergency/Hardship Funding

We understand that students experience unexpected hardship at any point in their academic careers.  These challenges can impede a student’s ability to be successful during the semester or continue to register.  

Fredonia does have some limited financial resources available to help students address emergency needs; these funds are not able to be applied to tuition or fee costs, rent, and medical/insurance payments. This funding is not part of the federal HEERF or CARES Act Funding.  Students may apply for emergency funding using the Google Form below:

Emergency Hardship Grant Application (LINK TO BE PROVIDED)

Other Support Resources

Food Support

Fredonia supports student food pantries on campus and is connected to many other community food pantries.  Please refer to the Student Food Pantry website for details.  Students may also connect directly with the Student Health Center for assistance with local resources.

Textbook Support

When possible we recommend that a student who has applied for financial aid consider adding a FREDFunds account through the FSA office prior to the start of the semester.  This way they may purchase textbooks through the Fredonia Bookstore through their FREDFunds account.  That account would be part of the student bill, making it easier to apply aid to that cost.

FSA FREDFunds Account Information

However, if it is after the semester begins, students may want to connect with a Faculty member to see if there is an extra copy of a text that could be borrowed, reach out to other students and consider a shared textbook, or connect with Reed Library to see if anything is available or accessible.  (Please be aware, that Reed Library does NOT have a copy of all textbooks being used on campus.)

Students can also apply for an emergency funding grant by completing the following posted above.

Computer Support

Students may apply to borrow a Chromebook through the ITS Service Center.  Please refer to this Answers page for more details.

Chromebook Loaner Program


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