Security Information

A well-lit campus: High intensity sodium vapor lights are mounted on buildings, in parking lot areas, in areas with heavy landscaping and trees, and along pathways frequently traveled by students.

The location of emergency telephones: This map shows where the blue light emergency telephones are strategically located throughout the campus, which are connected directly to the university police. We also provide indoor emergency telephones in several locations for use when offices are closed.

University Police Jurisdiction

Who to call with your concerns: If you have concerns about the physical safety of campus buildings and grounds, call the Facilities Management office Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at 716-673-3452. For emergencies that occur during non business hours, call University Police at 716-673-3333.

Relationships with Other Police Departments

University Police is a partner with local, county, and state law enforcement agencies in protecting the safety of college students, faculty, and employees on campus.

Relationship with the Chautauqua County Counter-Terrorism Task Force

Fredonia is a member of the Chautauqua County Counter-Terrorism Task Force and was the site of the first terrorism defense drill this summer, a comprehensive event that involved every hospital, fire department, emergency response crew, and law enforcement agency in the county. Enacting our coordinated responses to a terrorist attack on campus has improved the ability of all entities in preventing and responding to threats to the safety and security of our campus community.

Text Message Service

Emergency Alerts and other Campus Information

Sign up for text messages, voice messages or e-mail to be sent to your phone, computer, wireless PDA or pager. This is a free service provided by Fredonia. Please check your wireless plan for any fees you might be charged for receiving text messages.

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