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Locked 24 hours: All residence halls are locked 24 hours a day. Residents get in by using their card access "key." Visitors can only gain entry by calling in using the courtesy telephones at the main entrances of the halls. All outside doors are alarmed and will sound if someone exits at an inappropriate location.

Security cameras: Video cameras are posted at the entrance of every residence hall, and are monitored by University Police.

Night security: Student staff members (night clerks) are on duty from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m., checking the ID's of visiting students, registering guests and visitors, and making sure visitors have a host or hostess accompanying them. They report anything unusual to University Police.

Trained staff: A Residence Hall Director is a professional staff member who lives and works in each residence hall, supervising all Resident Assistants and acting on behalf of the Director of Residence Life. The hall director is trained to handle many responsibilities; including those related to safety, emergencies, and security. On almost every floor of a residence hall, a Resident Assistant is assigned to enforce safety and security policies as well as keep an eye on the health and safety of the residents.

Information and communication: The college makes students aware of safety concerns and tips through floor meetings, accessibility of the staff, presentations, and brochures and pamphlets. Any student with a particular question or concern should pay a visit to his or her R.A. or hall director.

Safety and Emergency Preparedness

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