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Film and television has been and continues to be the instant informer, effective teacher, primary persuader, and great entertainer for our society. It has greatly influenced our society in a variety of ways. The video aspect has also influenced our society and is developing rapidly, having already moved from film to videotape to DVD and beyond. This major allows students to learn background theory while developing conceptual and technological skills used in the production of programs both inside the studio and on location. There are many opportunities for hands-on learning with courses in multi-camera, field and post-production, and digital applications. With the completion of the major, students participate in a video drama production capstone project, while television studio majors produce a season’s worth of news and talk/variety shows.


McEwen Hall, the home of The State University of New York at Fredonia Department of Communication, houses digital film design and production facilities including a large sound stage for single camera productions and four editing suites for advanced students. Field equipment includes professional High Definition and Ultra-High Definition cameras, lighting kits, sound recording equipment, jib, dolly with track, glidecam etc.

Audio/radio production facilities include three multi-track control rooms, one stereo control room, one voice-over booth, and one large studio. Both analog and digital recording/editing capabilities are featured, as well as a variety of sound processing equipment. There are also three editing suites featuring the Adobe Creative Suite and ProTools software.

The department's multimedia Sheldon Lab, consisting of 19 state-of-the-art Macintosh workstations, is used for learning about such topics as desktop presentation, electronic photography, web design, multimedia authoring, and digital audio/video editing. Each computer also has Avid and the Adobe Creative Suite for digital audio/video editing. Software and hardware is updated every three years.

A multi-camera television studio is located on the first floor of Thompson Hall. In the summer of 2010, the studio underwent a major renovation with the addition of a new news set, new lighting grid, with fluorescent lighting instruments and an EOS computerized dimmer system and professional grade Vinten pedestals. In addition, the control room now houses a Compix graphics system, a video monitoring system consisting of two 60” wide-screen flat panel wall processors and a new Ross Vision series video production switcher. The studio also houses a meeting room and a set storage area.

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