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Honors Program

Eligibility for Honors Program:

At the end of the first semester of a student's junior year, students with an English/English-Adolescence Education GPA of 3.7 or higher will automatically be invited to enter the Honors Program (which means an invitation to write a thesis proposal, name a committee of at least two faculty members, and seek approval for the proposal from the committee). Students not achieving a 3.7 GPA may petition to enter the Honors Program; petitions articulating why the student should be admitted to the program will go to the Scholarly Activities Committee. Students should support their petition with the following evidence:

  • explanation of grades, if pertinent;
  • writing sample;
  • letters of recommendation from departmental faculty (minimum of two).

Department of English faculty may also nominate students to the Honors Program. Nominating faculty should provide a letter of recommendation and a writing sample by the student to the Scholarly Activities Committee for consideration.

Suggested Timetable:

The department believes that students will be most likely to succeed if they follow the timetable below. Submissions that do not meet the following schedules must be approved by the thesis committee and the Scholarly Activities committee.

  1. Students admitted to the program should name a supervisor and committee by the end of the first week of the 2nd semester junior year, and must gain the committee's approval of a fully articulated proposal before the last week of classes of that semester.
  2. By course selection of the 1st semester senior year, the student must present a thesis draft (or comparable work in progress) to the committee. Students should sign up for HN 400 for the 2nd semester senior year at course selection and give a copy of the thesis proposal to the director of the College Honor Society.
  3. By the end of the first week of the 2nd semester senior year, the student must present a fully revised draft to the committee. The student will continue to revise the thesis in consultation with the committee during the semester.
  4. After final approval by the committee, the student will present the work at an end-of-semester celebratory event.

Notes: Any full-time department faculty member may supervise an Honors thesis. Any department faculty member may serve on an Honors thesis committee, and up to one committee member may be named from outside the department. A thesis may be creative, pedagogical or analytical; appropriate criteria will be established by the thesis committee in keeping with established departmental criteria. HN 400 may be counted as an elective within the major or outside the major, determined by the student in consultation with his/her departmental advisor.

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