Course Offerings

Fall 2019 Honors Courses


HONR 302--The Human Experience: Whiteness and White Supremacy

Williams Visiting Professor Edward Ball

TR 12:30-1:50 (34415)

This is a U.S. history course about the roots of white identity in the American past, the growth of “whiteness” as idea, and the return of white supremacy as a movement in the present. Whites often do not see themselves as racial subjects; yet “whiteness” is born with the nation and lends structure to centuries of American culture, economics, and spatial relations. We study the birth of white identity in the colonial past and trace its maturation during the 19th century into whiteness, as both internal psychology and raw social fact. We examine the growth of white supremacy after the Civil War and look at its branches in science and in policy in the 20th and 21st centuries. When and where does whiteness take shape? How does it spread and change without disappearing? Does white supremacy differ from whiteness? What constitutes white identity? Where and why does white supremacy surface in discourse and politics, as today? Students research and write two papers, as well as give one presentation.

Class materials:

Course packet: a selection of essays and archival material (about 300 pages) available in hardcopy and from the course website.

Books: Theodore Allen, The Invention of the White Race (1994); Matthew Jacobson, Whiteness of a Different Color (1998).


CHEM 113 – Chemistry & Environment

CCC - Natural Science & Fredonia Foundations - Natural Science/Critical Thinking and Analysis

Prof. Krista Bellis

TR 11:00-12:20 (13967)

This course is designed for students in all majors. It focuses on the examination of prevalent environmental issues and the chemical concepts related to these issues. Students will develop innovative solutions to complex problems via their responses to case studies and build on critical thinking skills necessary for citizens to be engaged, form educated opinions and actively make decisions related to these issues in a responsible manner.


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