Course Offerings

Seminars make up a key feature of the Honors Program. Honors-only seminars help students develop knowledge and skills within a strong liberal arts experience.

For students who entered into the Honors Program before the fall 2018, they are required to:

  • take at least FOUR honors seminars to complete the program. (Students can choose to take more than four seminars.)
  • All seminars fulfill general education courses within specific categories.
  • To complete the general education program, courses in all categories must be met.

Fall 2019 Honors Seminars

CHEM 113 – Chemistry & Environment

CCC - Natural Science & Fredonia Foundations - Natural Science/Critical Thinking and Analysis

Prof. Krista Bellis

TR 11:00-12:20 (13967)

This course is designed for students in all majors. It focuses on the examination of prevalent environmental issues and the chemical concepts related to these issues. Students will develop innovative solutions to complex problems via their responses to case studies and build on critical thinking skills necessary for citizens to be engaged, form educated opinions and actively make decisions related to these issues in a responsible manner.


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