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The Honors Program at SUNY Fredonia welcomes applications from all students who demonstrate potential for academic excellence. Students may apply at all stages of their college careers. 

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Please see the FAQs below for further details.

The Fredonia Honors Program offers unique opportunities to learn, lead, and live Honors. 

At the core of the program, Honors students enjoy access to exclusive Honors-only sections of Fredonia Foundations courses, as well as unique upper-level Honors seminars that typically are not repeated! 

Honors Program completion requires students to maintain a 3.3 cumulative GPA and to complete about 15% of their undergraduate coursework in Honors. Typically, about half of these credits count toward general education and other requirements for the degree, so completing Honors doesn’t necessarily slow down your path to graduation! Indeed, with the perks below, Honors students have access to the classes they need faster and earlier than other students.

For more details, visit the Honors Program homepage.

The Fredonia Honors Program offers many perks:

  • priority course registration (register for courses before seniors do)
  • a one-time $1,500 Honors Scholarship (for new first-year and transfer applicants only; distributed as $375 over four semesters) 
  • notation on your academic transcript of completion of Honors
  • exclusive courses on contemporary topics & technologies 
    • Black Lives Matter // Pandemic Health // Digital Storytelling // Non-Western Innovations in Western Music 
  • access to exclusive social, leadership, and academic events

With Honors, 

  • you will learn with like-minded students
  • you may live with high-achieving peers in Honors House (optional)
  • and you can lead groups, program projects, or workshops affiliated with Honors or other campus entities--and even potentially earn academic credit for doing so!

All applicants must complete the brief Honors application form, which includes submission of a multimedia response to a prompt. 

  • Students accepted to SUNY Fredonia with a cumulative GPA of 92 (graduating high school seniors) or 3.3 (transfer students) will receive an automatic invitation to apply. 
  • Transfer students admitted to an honors program at their current institution may email proof of Honors status to Honors.Program@fredonia.edu and skip the application.
  • All students interested in Honors may choose to apply whether or not an invitation is sent.  

Sometimes the invitation with the application can be routed to your spam folder, so check there or contact us if you need help. 

The Honors Program welcomes applications from first-year and transfer students who demonstrate potential for academic excellence.

First-year applicants who have maintained a high school GPA of 92 or above will receive an invitation to apply for Honors. 

Transfer applicants with a 3.3 cumulative GPA and at least 15 credits, will also be invited to apply for Honors. Transfer students who belong to an Honors program or college at their current institution will receive automatic acceptance into the Honors Program. 

Current students at Fredonia with a 3.3 cumulative GPA and at least 15 credits may apply but will not be eligible for the Honors Scholarship.

Sometimes a GPA does not capture your potential. If your academic record does not meet these criteria, you may still apply. Be sure to answer the question in the application telling us what your GPA can't capture about who you are, what you have achieved, and why we'd be missing out if we relied only on standardized measures like GPA.

The Fredonia Honors Program is test-optional. SAT and ACT scores are not required for admission. You may share them if you wish.


Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. The suggested deadline for applications is February 25, 2022, but applications will continue to be considered so long as scholarships are available.

3/3/22 update: Some Honors Scholarships are still available; apply as soon as possible to optimize your chances of qualifying for this and other merit-based awards.

Yes, we can help with all of these requests! Just reach out to Honors.Program@fredonia.edu for help.

Submissions will be assessed based on the following:

  • quality and originality;
  • self-awareness or self reflection: a sense of who the author is or what they have faced, achieved, and/or overcome;
  • a growth mindset: an ability or willingness to develop and to move beyond current circumstances; 
  • creative or innovative use of language, the chosen medium, or platform; and
  • proper use--or artful violation--of the conventions of the chosen medium.

If you have any questions about the Fredonia Honors Program or the application process, please reach out to Honors.Program@fredonia.edu for help.

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