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John GradelJohn Gradel is currently living in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, only a short three hour drive from Fredonia. There, he serves as the Assistant Director of the Institute for International Studies at the university. He works within the field of international education. He credits Fredonia’s program to helping him prepare for his current job.

First, Gradel became interested in this program while attending Fredonia because he has been fond of learning history since high school. He states that the History and Social Studies Adolescence Education program prepared him for working within the field of international education. Through his coursework at Fredonia, he was able to learn, “...about the world both historically, geographically, politically, and beyond; it helped prepare me for working with international and study abroad students.” During his time at Fredonia, Gradel was able to take advantage of studying abroad twice which further propelled him to where he is today.

Learning about pedagogy, educational theories, and having wonderful field placements prepared me for the world of working with students in higher education.

Gradel’s words of wisdom for anyone considering a History and Social Studies Adolescence Education major:  use all available resources in and outside the classroom. He comments, “history and education faculty are the best and brightest in the field.’’ Take into account that professors are there to help you succeed and become ready for a career. Lastly, Gradel recommends that if a person has the opportunity to study abroad, go for it. It was a life-changing experience for him and he believes students should take the chance and see what the world has to offer. Becoming a teacher is not the only career path this major offers: John Gradel is an example of how a person can take their love for teaching and history to create a unique career path.

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