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The purpose of our club is to engage Social Studies Education Majors beyond the classroom through the exploration of teaching techniques, classroom management, the certification process, preparation for the screening process, and guest discussions with individuals involved in the education field.

We typically engage in a variety of activities such as group discussions, editing lesson plans, and simulations of classroom situations. Our past guest speakers have included Dr. Robert Dahlgren (from Department of Curriculum and Instruction) Dr. Peter McCord (from the Social Studies Adolescent Education Department) as well as former student teachers, like Jordan Nicholson, Erin Moses, and Kristen Champoux.

Membership Requirements

Membership is open to all Fredonia students, faculty, and staff. For further information, contact either the current President or Vice-President.

Internet History Resources

These are some useful sites that can help in instructing classrooms in the study of history.

      • This is a site created through the U.S. Department of Education that is designed to aid K-12 teachers by making U.S. History content, strategies, and research resources readily available.
      • Contains teaching materials such as a database of lesson plans complete with reviews from other teachers.
      • Comprehensive amount of content sources including website reviews, historical essays, and lists of public history resources.

      • "Crash Course: U.S. History"
      • This is a series of videos produced by "Vlog brother", writer, and educator John Green, specifically highlighting events in U.S. History.
      • Running time usually around 10 minutes.
      • Well produced and animated videos, as well as a fairly complex analysis of the content, including alternative perspectives and controversies.
      • This is best used as a teaching support, not as a main source of information.


2016-2017 Executive

Kim Hodges, President

Maria Serio, Vice President

Matt DeWinde, Treasurer

Morgan Rybak, Secretary

History Department

  • E332 Thompson Hall State University of New York at Fredonia Fredonia, NY 14063

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