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Music Industry Program at Fredonia

The Music Industry program at Fredonia prepares graduates for the diverse professional world of entertainment. The program offers a well-rounded education using elements of music, business administration, accounting, economics, and communications. You will learn from instructors with real-world experience. Program coordinator Armand Petri has received 15 gold and platinum records.

The Fredonia Difference

Fredonia is the only SUNY that offers a Bachelors of Science in Music Industry. With innovative classes specific to the music business, such as Contract Law, Copyright Law, Live Touring and Sound, Music Marketing and Promotion, and a student-run record label (HAIL! Fredonia Records), students gain valuable knowledge and hands-on experience that cannot be simulated in a traditional academic class. Fredonia students enter the workforce feeling well-prepared and excited for their future in the entertainment business.

Career Opportunities for Music Industry

  • Media management
  • Record labels
  • Music production
  • Tour manager
  • Road crews
  • Gaming industry
  • Box Office manager
  • Venue manager
  • Business manager
  • Technical director
  • A&R administrator
  • Studio owner
  • Distributor

Daring Music Career Prep

Hail Fredonia Records logo

Fredonia's own record label

Student-run music label, Hail! Fredonia Records, works directly with bands and raises money for local charities.

HAIL! Fredonia Records

a student performs on the stage at Rosch Hall

No audition required

You need to have a passion for music for this program. The one thing you don't need: a background in music performance.

students perform at the battle of the bands

Active music community

Music Industry Club hosts special events like Battle of the New Bands. Fredonia has many music groups and ensembles to choose from.

Music Industry Club

Sample Courses

MUSB 301 Music Copyrights

An exploration of copyright purpose, history, use and challenges. Students will learn about copyright ownership and registration, and how copyright is used to manage royalties, publication, project development, and dissemination of the intellectual property through the various media, including the Internet.

MUSB 304 Business of the Beatles

An in-depth look at the business of The Beatles. The course will examine recording contracts, publishing, touring and biographies of those most closely associated with the band.

MUSB 425 Music Marketing and Promotion

Effective marketing is a necessary component of any successful release of recorded music. This course explores the various elements of a marketing plan -- how it is researched, prepared, and implemented. The use and effectiveness of marketing via radio, print, the Internet, and touring will be examined. An inquiry into the changing music industry will focus on the emergence of developing markets and the future of music.

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