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Music Industry Major (B.S.)

The Music Industry program at Fredonia prepares students for the diverse world of the entertainment industry. Through the School of Business, the students earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Industry. Our program offers students a well-rounded education including elements of music, business administration, accounting, economics, and communications. It is not uncommon for our students to apply for a double-major or minor. With innovative classes specific to the Music Industry program, such as Contract Law, Copyright Law, Live Touring and Sound, Music Marketing and Promotion, as well as our very own student-run record label (HAIL! Fredonia Records), students gain valuable knowledge and hands-on experience that cannot be simulated in a traditional academic class. Our students exit the program feeling well-prepared and excited for their future in the entertainment industry.

Music Industry Minor

The Music Industry minor is designed to complement students’ major coursework with specialized knowledge and experience in the various facets of the music industry.  Specific areas covered include contracts, publishing, copyrights, intellectual property licensing, the record business, recording, artist management, licensing and distribution, tour management, self-employment business basics, marketing, business and legal affairs, public relations, promotion, sales and distribution, merchandising, artist relations, and ethics in the music industry.  An internship adds practical application and experience.

Students will learn the structure, economics and common practices inherent to intellectual property; understand music publishing and licensing; learn about income sources related to intellectual property; recognize trends of historical significance of the music industry; become familiar with terms and conditions regularly found in music-related contracts; and learn the structure and common practices inherent to marketing an artist locally, nationally and on the web.

Minor Course Requirements

Course Prefix and NumberCourse TitleCredits
MUSB 201The Business of Music3
MUSB 301Music Copyright3
MUSB 320Music Contracts3
MUSB 465Music Industry Internship3
MUSB elective course by advisement 3
MUSB elective course by advisement 3


The music industry is full of opportunities, and we can provide the proper guidance needed to succeed. To learn more about the different opportunities, click the link below. 


Please add descriptive text for this image.HAIL! Fredonia Records is a non-academic experience at Fredonia that allows students to apply their knowledge of music industry while supporting their local campus and community. The label gives students hands-on experience working directly with bands, as well as collaborating with foundations such as For Our Daughters and the Institute of Autism Research at Canisius College. While this is a student-run label, the platinum-selling record producer and manager, Professor Armand Petri, assists the students in applying their skills to the real world.

Click here to view the full HAIL! Fredonia Records page


Please add descriptive text for this image.The Fredonia Music Industry Club (MIC) is a constituted group through the Student Association, run and organized by students. MIC is a great way to gain hands-on experience in a wide range of skills such as event planning, marketing, booking, contracting, and much more! MIC complements the Music Industry program while maintaining the freedom that comes from being a student group. Members of MIC gain the opportunity to network with students in the Music Industry major, students from other programs of the university, and outside members of the community. Throughout the semester, the club organizes a number of events such as the Life is Art Festival and the Battle of the New Bands as well as a number of on-campus concerts and off-campus shows. These allow students to take charge and put the skills they learn to real-world use.

Click here to view the full Music Industry Club page

2nd Annual Lend a Paw for Autism: Star Paws

2nd Annual Lend a Paw for Autism: Star Paws

Fredonia Music Industry Program hosted the 2nd Annual Lend A Paw for Autism fundraiser event. All proceeds went to the Institute for Autism research at Canisius College.

“Not So Different” Go Go Dolls

Hail! Fredonia Records raises over $25,000 for the Institute for Autism Research at Canisius College

“Not So Different” was composed by Cassandra Kubinski in order to benefit Autism research and to raise Autism awareness around the country. Under HAIL! Fredonia Records, the song was re-recorded with Cassandra in addition to Mary Ramsey (10,000 Maniacs) and John Rzeznik (Goo Goo Dolls). With this new release and the Artists For Autism benefit concert, over $25,000 has been raised for the Institute for Autism Research.

Music Industry

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