Music Industry Club

What We Do


The Fredonia Music Industry Club (MIC), a constituted group through the Student Association, is run and organized by students. MIC is a great way to gain hands-on experience in a wide range of skills such as event planning, marketing, booking, contracting, and much more! MIC complements the Music Industry program while maintaining the freedom that comes from being a student group. Members of MIC gain the opportunity to network with students in the Music Industry major, students from other departments of the university, and outside members of the community. Throughout the semester, the club organizes a number of events such as the Soultice Jam Festival and the Battle of the New Bands, as well as a number of on-campus concerts and off-campus shows. These allow students to take charge and put the skills they learn to real-world use.


 The Executive Board

The E-board is responsible for running MIC and all of its events. They pride themselves on providing opportunities and hands-on experience to students not only in the Music Industry, but other areas of study as well. Elections for one-year terms occur every Spring in May. The current e-board includes:

President: Mary Cooper
Vice President: Karalyn Walter
Treasurer/Fundraising Chair: Jade Giambrone
Secretary: Jazmine Torres
Promotions Chair: Jax Moeller
Events Coordinator: Jaina Berardi


Have questions? Interested in MIC? Want to book a band? Contact us!
Instagram: https://instagram.com/micfredonia
TikTok: https://tiktok.com/@micfredonia
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/micfredonia
Twitter: http://twitter.com/MICFredonia

Battle Of The New Bands

Winner: The Science Behind It
Other competitors: Meadow Viscuso, Edelwood Creek

2020: N/A

Winner: Marmalade Joe
Other competitors: Beach Tower, Tsunami Tsurprise

Winner: Elijah Williams
Other competitors: Voyeur Motel, P3P3

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