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HAIL! Fredonia Records is an extra-curricular experience at Fredonia that allows students to apply their knowledge of Music Industry while supporting their local campus and community. The following are the areas of student responsibility for the HAIL! Fredonia Records label:

Social Media

The social media team consists of exactly what it sounds like: social media. The team is broken into groups to control our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Daily updates are posted as well as any extra information about the course, Student Record Label.

Events Planning

The events team controls the finalization of the events we host. They are the main coordinators of our events.


The promotion team handles the advertising of our events. This includes making flyers to put around town and even making commercials or posters.


The writing team is in charge of all the paperwork for any event--promotional letters, thank you letters, donation letters, etc.


The marketing team handles how to promote events. Working very closely with the promotion team, they discuss how to advertise our events.

Product Manager

The product manager position consists of only four to six people. These people must submit a letter of intent and be chosen for the part. This is broken into Head of Promotions, Head of Events, Assistant to Head of Events, Social Media Director, Head of Writing, and Head of Marketing. These six people are in charge of leading the class and running the teams stated above.

Music Industry

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