Street Piano

Christy May

Bio: I am a Fredonia Animation/Illustration student. My work delves into many different mediums from 3D cinema graphics, graphic poster work as well as digital and traditional painted illustrations. Some of my recent works/classes peeked my interest in the street style of graffiti and skater style. The piano project will allow me to bring my art to the community/streets and also an experience like no other.

Title of Work: Camo Drip

Description: The piano will be painted as an army came print but shift down the piano the came colors/shapes start to bleed/drip down from the side.

Why want to participate: I would love to be apart of this project/experience. To collaborate with Fredonia's art community to be a small piece in a wonderful gallery of customized pianos would be an honor. I have painted my entire life and recently customized/painted many objects of my own and others. For example, I have customized shoes, headphones, and skateboard decks. I would love for the chance to work on another project to a larger scale and take part in a one of a kind opportunity.

Ways you see your proposed piano artwork connecting with the community: I aimed my design to appeal to all types of people. As the cameo aesthetic would originate with veterans and active military as I have known many who have ser,ved and appreciate. With the modern take on cameo I wanted to put a twist with the pattern warping with a drip. For a more visual appealing take.

How do you hope to benefit from this project, both professional and personally: I would love to be apart of this opportunity, as it shares a common interest of expression of art and music. Both of which these subjects are passions of mine that are very respectable for each of their crafts. For an artist to put themselves out there is courageous and powerful. This is what I hope for others to enjoy from this project. As for myself I would appreciate the opportunity to create my art on something I wouldn't normally. As well as exposure of my artwork to the public to enjoy as much as I loved making it .

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