Bilingual Education Extension, Advanced Certificate (AC)

Bilingual Education Extension Program

The Advanced Certificate (AC) in Bilingual Education Extension is for candidates who have current New York State (NYS) teacher certification. Qualified candidates who complete this six course program are eligible to take the NYSTCE Bilingual Education Assessment (BEA) and apply for the NYS Bilingual Extension. The NYS Bilingual educator has the knowledge and skills necessary to teach effectively in English and a target language of instruction (language other than English) in New York State public schools. The bilingual teacher understands the foundations of bilingual education, including the processes of first and second language acquisition and learning, models/methodologies of bilingual education, and the legal requirements and professional expectations related to bilingual education. The bilingual educator understands that language reflects a body of shared values and assumption that constitute a distinctive culture. 

Program Outline

EDU 518 Second Language Acquisition and Development 3
EDU 540* Content Area English as a Second Language 3
EDU 555 Biliteracy Instruction and Assessment Methodologies 3
EDU 568 Foundations of Bilingual Education 3
EDU 569* Assessment and Evaluation of English Language Learners 3
EDU 674 Bilingual Education (BE) Practicum & Supervision 20 Day 3
* 25 clock hours of field experience

Total Credit Hours for Program Completion: 18



Dr. Kate Mahoney
Dr. Kate Mahoney, 
Program Coordinator,
Department of Education Website

Gainful Employment Disclosure

Gainful Employment Disclosure for Bilingual Education

Applying to TESOL

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Program Options for TESOL

Fredonia offers five different tracks in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), each customized to your desired outcome.

  1. M.S.Ed., TESOL Option 1, catalog page 
    Option 1 is for Master of Science in Education candidates
    with a current New York State Teacher Certification.
  2. M.S.Ed., TESOL Option 2, catalog page 
    Option 2 is for Master of Science in Education candidates 
    without a current New York State Teacher Certification.
  3. M.A. in Language and Learning (TESOL), catalog page 
    This Master of Arts degree is a non-certification track, and it does not lead to a recommendation for a Teacher Certification in New York State.
  4. TESOL, Advanced Certificate, catalog page 
    This Advanced Certificate leads to a recommendation for a New York State Teacher Certification in ESOL.
  5. Bilingual Education Extension, Advanced Certificate, catalog page 
    This Advanced Certificate leads to a recommendation for a Bilingual Extension to any New York State Teacher Certification, except ESOL.


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