Council for Women's Concerns - Marion Sonnenfeld Award Scholarship

marion sonnenfeld awardThe Marion Sonnenfeld Award Scholarship is presented each year to outstanding female students who exemplify leadership, hard work, and a good sense of community.

Scholarship winners are honored at an award ceremony each fall semester.



Marion Sonnenfeld spent 25 years on the faculty at Fredonia, teaching German. She was a member of the German Department, named distinguished professor, and was the first woman Dean of the Arts & Humanities. Marion carried the virtues of her parents of loving life, being a faithful and loyal friend, having an outstanding work ethic, and taking pride in her work.

Marion believed that the recipient of this scholarship should see the good in everyone and try to help others to develop what is best in them.

Apply Now

- Female student
- Full-time student 
- At least sophomore standing
- If senior standing, must have at least one academic year remaining before graduation

- Application
- Personal Statement (please mention Dr. Sonnenfeld)
- Resume
- One Reference Letter

Completed applications are due April 28th, 2023 and must be submitted to:

Amanda Austin
Student Affairs Office
702 Maytum Hall

Applications may be hand delivered, mailed, or emailed.


2022: Anna Evens, Kate Price, and Angie Sempertegui

2021: Kayla Makosiej and Esmeiry Ventura Santana

2020: Emma Booth and Braelin Scott

2019: Giovanina Vancheri, Ariel Davis, and Kaycie Malyk

2018: Erin Pratt and Michaela Tadros

2017: Brittany Sanford and Yue Wang

2016: April Lorenzi and Courtney Schmidt

2015: Meredith Smietana and Olivia Kaltenbach

2014: Anna Ferrante, Kiri Ramos, and Quinn Patton

2013: Allison McCarthy and Nicole Peets

2012: Sara Maiorana, Noelle Panepento, and Kayla Patrick

2011: Meagan Allers

2010: Aziza Anderson, Jessica Frain, Kelsey Lamb

2009: Kaeleigh Champlin, Caitlin Zaremski, Allison Murray, Megan Lemiszko

2008: Brooke Butler, Amanda Nobrega, Elizabeth Koehler, Alyssa Brooke-Gay

2007: Kathryn Kornacki, AnneMarie Miller, Sarah Sumski, Kimberly Waite