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The Associate Vice President for Finance and Administration is responsible for campus financial operations, and oversees the offices of  Budget, Payroll Services, Purchasing, Student Accounts, and University Accounting. Together these areas provide the data, service and reporting necessary to:

  • provide valid and credible budget and revenue information to allow for effective planning and development of academic programs and student services
  • direct all state funded payroll efforts to ensure that every employee is paid accurately and timely
  • monitor the source and method of collection utilized for all revenue to ensure compliance with State and SUNY accounting policies
  • ensure prompt payment of all expenses incurred by the university and its employees in conducting university related business
  • monitor expenditures to ensure compliance with State and SUNY regulations and ensure spending is kept within budget
  • produce timely and accurate tuition, fee, housing and food service billing for every registered student to maximize collections and minimize year-end receivable balances

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Mission Statement

The departments encompassed by the office of the Associate Vice President for Finance and Administration strive to provide accurate and efficient financial data to both our internal constituents (faculty, staff and students) as well as our external constituents (System Administration, Office of the State Comptroller and other related state agencies). Our intention is that the University's mission of teaching and learning proceed unencumbered by the administrative responsibilities of our offices.

Associate VP for Finance and Administration

  • 503 Maytum Hall State University of New York at Fredonia Fredonia, NY 14063