Student Assistant Employment - Student Payroll


The Student Payroll Office defines an acceptable TIME SHEET as one that is received directly from the supervisor (either in person, through campus mail or via campus pick-up service) by the deadline date. Timely payment cannot be guaranteed to students whose time sheets are received after this deadline or who have not completed the paperwork requirements. To be paid on the Student Assistant Payroll, the following requirements must be met:

Fully completed I-9 with id forms,presented to the Payroll Office, CURRENT Appointment Form, and all other New Hire paperwork must be on file in the Student Payroll Office, 303 Maytum.

Payee must be a registered student at Fredonia.

Maximum of 20 hours worked per week while school is in session; 29 hours worked per week during vacation periods. (Maximum hours based on a Sunday to Saturday work week.) If a student works as a Student Assistant for another department on campus, these are the maximum hours allowed for ALL their time sheets combined.

A FULLY COMPLETED LEGIBLE TIME SHEET must be RECEIVED by stated deadline. Please be sure to include dates, department, PRINTED LEGAL NAME (no nicknames, please), last 4 digits of the social security number, 8 digit account number to be charged, rate to be paid and signatures of both student and supervisor. Incomplete time sheets may be returned to the department and will delay payment to the student.

NOTE: For obvious reasons, we need the student's name printed legibly at the top of the TIME SHEET. PLEASE use formal legal names when completing the time sheets. Many of the computer screens and lists we use only show last name, first initial. Therefore, if a student's given name is Randall but he chooses to go by his middle name of Scott, or Elizabeth prefers to be called Beth, they would appear to be students who have not yet completed paperwork. These students could very easily get overlooked as current employees and not get paid on time. As you will notice by the Student Payroll Schedule, there is quite a lag between when a student works and when the student is paid. Student Payroll strives to eliminate any chances of error that it can while processing two payrolls that together are comprised of nearly 1,000 active student employees.


The following is the Student Assistant (blue time sheets) Payroll schedule. Please note that the time sheets are due in the STUDENT PAYROLL OFFICE by the close of business on the date listed unless otherwise noted or notified.


Paychecks are mailed to the department in which the student works. Depending on the department, checks are either mailed in the care of the supervisor or the secretary for the department. Should a student change where they work during the school year, they need to notify Student Payroll of the check distribution change. Students must notify the Student Payroll Office of a permanent address change so that future checks/tax information will reach them in a timely fashion. Notifying the Registrar's Office does NOT ensure a change of address for payroll and vice versa.


HANG ON TIGHT to those paychecks and store them in a safe place! If a student paycheck is lost, it must be reported to the Student Payroll Office immediately. Due to the fact that paychecks are processed in Albany, a duplicate check will take 2-4 weeks to arrive.


Should you have any questions in regard to a paycheck or student payroll, please feel free to call the Student Payroll Office at (716) 673-3775.