About Sustainability

Who We Are

The Sustainability Committee is comprised of volunteers from Staff, Faculty, and Students across campus. The committee currently includes:

Sarah Laurie, Director of Environmental Health & Safety & Sustainability, Chair

Angie Astry, Revenue Accountant, Student Accounts

Morgan Bennett, Student

Kevin Cloos, Director of Facilities Services

Mark Delcamp, Assistant Director of Facilities Services

Jason Dilworth, Assistant Professor, Visual Arts & New Media

Dan Goodwin, Resident Director, Residence Life

Mike Jabot, Associate Professor, Education

David Kinkela, Assistant Professor, History

Tracy Marafiote,Assistant Professor, Communication

Dean Messina, Director of Dining Services, FSA

Girard Marotto, Student

Seth Meyer, Student

Leah Minio, Student

Becky Nalepa, Committee Secretary

Peter Reinelt, Assistant Professor, Economics

Joan Schnur, Purchasing

Natalie Santini, Student

Katherine Sepulveda, Student

Terry Tzitzis, Director of University Services

Julia Wilson, Associate Professor, Mathematical Sciences

What We Do

Mission Statement

Our mission is to integrate sustainability into all aspects of campus life by:

  • Educating students, faculty, staff, and the community about environmental, social, and economic issues;
  • Promoting environmental awareness and responsibility in personal and institutional choices; and
  • Inspiring innovative environmental solutions, behavioral changes, and ethical stewardship of the natural world.


Fredonia has signed the United Nations Sustainability Declaration.

Fredonia joined the American College & University President's Climate Commitment in April 2008. This committment is now called the "Carbon Committment". Learn more about the commitment and Fredonia Reporting Information.