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Here are some simple steps to help Fredonia GO GREEN!



  • Contact the Sustainability Committee regarding volunteer opportunities or Join a Sustainability Subcommittee
  • Become a department leader--help institute recycling programs within your department and spread the word!


    • Implement power management features on your computer!!
    • PC Users:
      1. Right click on an empty space on your desktop and select properties.
      2. On the Display Properties screen, click on the Screen-saver tab.
      3. Near the Bottom of the window, click on the Power button (settings button if you are running Windows 9x).
      4. On the Power Options Properties window (Power Management Properties for Windows 9x), click on the drop down menu for Turn off monitor and select how long to allow your computer to remain idle before the monitor powers off. (15 minutes is recommended)
      5. Click OK on this screen and OK again on the next screen.
    • Macintosh (0S9) Users:
      1. Go to the Apple Menu and to the Control Panels.
      2. Open up the Energy Saver Control Panel.
      3. Click on the Show Details button.
      4. Check the box that says Separate Timing for Display Sleep.
      5. Select the time to set the monitor to go to sleep and close the window. (15 minutes is recommended).
    • Macintosh (OSX) Users:
      1. Open up the System Preferences.
      2. Select the Energy Saver Control Panel.
      3. Check the box next to "Put the display to sleep when the computer is inactive for"
      4. Select the desired time and close the System Preferences. (15 minutes is recommended)
    • Other Power Savings Tips:
      - Use a black screen saver since studies indicate white and bright colors can use up to 20% more power than black or dark colors.
      - Discontinue use of 3-dimentional screen savers since they double the power output of some computers.
      - Turn off printers after hours or when not in use.


Promote awareness of unnecessary paper usage. Add one of these notes to your signature block on all emails.

tree Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.

If your email client supports HTML markup, you can copy and paste the message above into your email. If you have the Webdings font installed on your computer, you can also create this graphic yourself easily. The tree graphic is the letter P using the Webdings font. Make the rest of the text green, and attach this signature to all your emails to promote environmental awareness.

Unless this is a twenty dollar bill, it's not worth printing.

Sustainability Committee

  • 140A Hendrix Hall State University of New York at Fredonia Fredonia, NY 14063