Tri-State Luxury Motor Coach

Term Break Charter Bus to Downstate & Long Island

Charter Bus Service for 2023-24 has been completed.  The schedule and prices for 2024-25 will be announce in mid-to-late August, 2024.

Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring Break Charter Information

Each year, the University, in cooperation with the Student Association, charters a motor coach bus over the Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring breaks. These trips are subsidized with an annual allocation from the transportation fee that appears on student tuition bills. The bus travels along the Southern Tier Expressway (NY-17 and I-86) and serves Binghamton, Middletown, Tarrytown, Manhattan, and Huntington/Melville Long Island. The schedule is as follows:

Thanksgiving: Leaves on Friday, 11/17/23; Returns on Sunday, 11/26/23 (on sale 10/18/23)

Winter Break: Leaves on Friday, 12/15/23; Returns on Sunday, 1/21/24 (on sale 11/17/23)

Spring Break: Leaves on Friday, 3/8/24; Returns on Sunday, 3/17/24 (on sale 02/9/24)

Charter Buses Leave Campus @ 5 Pm Sharp!
Boarding time is 30 minutes prior to departure.

Charter Buses Arrive Back on Campus at approximately 5:15 p.m.

Important Charter Bus Information:

Each passenger must have their own ticket, issued in their own name. We will need each passenger's cell phone number and official Fredonia email address at the time of purchase so we can communicate important information and reminders.

Passengers are allowed to stow only ONE bag in the under-bus storage bay and may also bring ONE smaller carry-on bag ONLY. Before each trip, passengers will be given the cell phone number of a "bus monitor" (a fellow student passenger who is responsible for checking all other passengers onto the bus and serving as a liaison to the driver and the Campus Ticket Office.) The monitor will act as a contact for students should they need to call the bus when they are waiting for the bus to arrive on the return trip. These bus trips are considered to be university events and as such, all rules and standards of behavior apply.  (See detailed charter bus code of conduct at the bottom of this page.)

The schedule is shown below. Remember that all times listed below are approximate and will be dependent on weather, traffic and other conditions. The bus is equipped with a television, DVD player, Wi-Fi and a restroom. NO REFUNDS will be allowed for any reason. Unused tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

The outbound rest stop/meal break will be at the Love's Travel Plaza in Bath at about 7:30 p.m.; the return trip rest stop will be at the Love's Travel Plaza just to the east of Binghamton at about 1 p.m. 

The schedule and prices for 2023-24 are shown below.

Outbound Charter Bus from Fredonia 2023-24

Location CityAddressDrop Off TimePrice
Williams Center, SUNY FredoniaFredonia Boarding301 Old Main Drive4:30 PMN/A
Williams Center, SUNY FredoniaDeparts Fredonia301 Old Main Drive5:00 PMN/A
Greyhound TerminalBinghamton81 Chenango Street9:15 PM$60
Shortline TerminalMiddletown14 Railroad Avenue11:15 PM$65
Tarrytown Train StationTarrytown1 Depot Plaza (Between Main & White)12:15 AM$70
SUNY School Optometry/Bryant PkManhattan33 W 42nd St1:15 AM$75
Melville Deli (old Greyhound)Melville90 Broadhollow Rd.2:00AM$80

Return Charter Bus to Fredonia 2023-24

Location CityAddressPick Up TimePrice
Melville Deli (old Greyhound)Departs Melville90 Broadhollow Rd.8:00 AM$80
SUNY School Optometry/Bryant PkManhattan33 W 42nd St9:00 AM$75 
Tarrytown Train StationTarrytown1 Depot Plaza (Between Main & White)10:00 AM$70
Shortline TerminalMiddletown14 Railroad Avenue11:00 AM$65
Greyhound TerminalBinghamton81 Chenango Street1:30 PM$60
Williams Center, SUNY FredoniaFredonia301 Old Main Drive5:15 PMN/A

For more details, please visit or call the Ticket Office in the Williams Center (Room G-140, next to the Credit Union) or call 716-673-3501. The Ticket Office is open M-W-F 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Term Break Charter Bus Tickets are available for purchase by phone or in person only; not online. We need to collect each passenger’s name, Fredonia email address and their cell phone number. This information will be provided, along with the passenger’s name to the student bus monitor. The bus monitor’s cell phone number will be emailed to each passenger in advance of each trip. Passengers should keep the bus monitor’s cell phone number handy in case of delays or other unforeseen circumstances.

Term Break Charter Bus Code of Conduct

To ride on the Charter Bus you must follow these rules: 

  1. Each student is limited to only ONE stowaway bag in the under-bag storage, and ONE carry-on bag ONLY. This is the same for the returning trip coming back. The ONLY exception is a musical instrument. You may bring ONE musical instrument in addition to the two bags.
  2. As an official campus program, all campus rules of conduct and behavior apply.
  3. If watching or listening to media, please use headphones or earbuds so as to not disturb other students.
  4. You are allowed to eat on the bus but you are responsible for cleaning up after yourself and make sure you are throwing away your trash. 
  5. No smoking, vaping, or alcoholic beverages.
  6. Comply with all requests and directions of the bus monitor and driver.

Failure to follow the above rules may result in consequences including suspension of future transportation privileges and/or other discipline. 

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