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Communication is one of the oldest areas of academic study. Students of communication investigate the communication processes as they occur both in face-to-face and mediated settings.  The State University of New York at Fredonia Department of Communication was founded in spring 1981. The offering of communication courses, however, can be traced back to the founding of this institution in 1826, and the founding of the Speech Education Department in 1949.

The Department of Communication is a member of the National Communication Association.

Our Mission:  The Fredonia Department of Communication strives to foster understanding of the role, process and practice of communication through teaching, research/creative work and service. This is of necessity a multidisciplinary task, drawing on ancient and modern rhetoric, social sciences, aesthetic theory and technique and moral philosophy, to mention just a few of the disciplines. The department offers a comprehensive program with majors in audio, video, communication studies, journalism, media management and public relations. The faculty members model effective communication in their creative and research work and service, as well as in their interaction with students through the curriculum and their support of campus media and student communication clubs. 


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