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The State University of New York at Fredonia Department of Communication offers the following scholarships to majors who exhibit academic excellence:

Louis C. Adler Scholarship 
This scholarship is awarded to an outstanding returning broadcast journalism student. Criteria include grades and demonstrated excellence in writing and broadcast skills. Financial need will also be considered. Awarded in the spring.
Anne Bernstein Memorial 
This scholarship is awarded to an outstanding graduating female majoring in broadcast journalism. Criteria include grades, participation in related college activities, and commitment to womens' issues. Awarded in the spring.
Dan Berggren Excellence in Audio/Radio (EAR) Scholarship
This scholarship is given to outstanding students in audio/radio production studies.  Awarded in the spring.

Edward S. Edelman Scholarship

This scholarship awarded to a returning junior or senior communication major. Preference is given to someone who has worked at WCVF at least one year. Talent and financial need are also given priority. Awarded in the spring.

Arthur R. Maytum Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to two outstanding returning communication students. Criteria include academic excellence and financial need. Preference given to students from Northern Chautauqua County. Awarded in the spring.

Arlie Muller Parks Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to an outstanding female freshman entering communication. Criteria include high school grades, SAT scores, and participation in activities. Awarded in the fall.

Richard G. and Pamela C. Ryan Endowment Scholarship Fund
This scholarship is awarded to a student enrolled as a full-time sophomore or junior. While there is not GPA requirements, students must be in good academic standing, ambitious, and show promise. Preference will be given to students who are from New York State.

Visit the Fredonia Financial Aid site for additional scholarship opportunities.

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