Scott Martelle, '84, works with students at The Leader newspaper

Writing @ Fredonia

Writing at Fredonia

Writers @ Work with Award-Winning Columnist Sean Kirst

At Fredonia, we make good writing great.

No matter what discipline you specialize in, our undergraduate writing programs prepare you for personal and professional success. Writing provides both the satisfactions of well-crafted expression and the fundamental skills employers seek: clear, concise communication; research and critical analysis; and creative problem-solving. Writing at Fredonia, in particular, fosters professional competence, ethical practice, artistic performance, and practical innovation.

Through the minor in Creative Writing, our students craft compelling works of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry while studying with accomplished and highly decorated writers, submitting to The Trident and other literary journals, and vying for the English department’s Mary Louise White creative writing awards. Our students minoring in Professional Writing are challenged to create powerful prose in a variety of digital- and print-based mediums designed for different audiences and contexts.  Learning takes place both in and out of the classroom, with students writing for Fredonia’s student newspaper, The Leader, attending both national and areas conferences (such as AWP), and holding internships in areas ranging from writing and social media to publishing and copyediting with organizations like The Office of Marketing and Communications, or The Celebrity Cafe. Our alumni have used these experiences to become successful editors (Jesse Sherwood, ’08, and Adam Glasier, ’14) and publishers (John D’Agostino, ’92), award-winning journalists (Sean Kirst, ’81, and Seth Wallace, ’07), New York Times-bestselling authors (Wendy Corsi Staub, ’86), and more. And now, through the Writers @ Work series, they return to campus to share their skills and experiences with current students.

Fredonia’s highly skilled faculty support student learning. They have published numerous nonfiction and creative works for a variety of audiences (e.g., civic, corporate, legal, nonprofit, scholarly) and in a range of genres, held prestigious editorial positions, and achieved many honors for their writing and teaching.

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