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At Fredonia, you will receive a broad-based education in the chemical sciences. Choices in your chemistry major include general chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, inorganic chemistry and physical chemistry. Fredonia prides itself in making sure you will be prepared for employment in industry, government labs or secondary education or to pursue graduate education in chemistry, related disciplines or professional schools.

The Fredonia Difference

While some schools may just focus on classroom teaching and others focus on research, at Fredonia you will receive BOTH. Also, for all core courses in this program, Chemistry majors are required to take a national exam. Fredonia students consistently score higher on the exam than the national average. The program offers two tracks; one for students with second majors or minors in related disciplines, and one designed for students interested in graduate or professional schools.

Career Opportunities for Chemistry

  • Applied research and product development
  • Hazardous waste management
  • Lab management
  • Public health
  • Pharmaceutical and chemical industry
  • Military science and technology


What does a 4-year degree look like?

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What are all the required and elective courses offered to obtain this degree?

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Sample Courses

CHEM 462 Inorganic Chemistry

Topics include introduction to molecular symmetry and group theory. Discussions of electronic structure of atoms and their periodic properties followed by detailed considerations of ionic and covalent bonding.

CHEM 465 Advanced Experimental Biochemistry

State-of-the art biochemical and molecular techniques are taught within the hands-on, laboratory-based course.

CHEM 481 Medicinal Chemistry

This course is intended to teach you the introductory topics in medicinal chemistry from an organic chemistry point of view. You will learn how drugs are discovered but just as importantly modified to improve their potency but at the same time reduce their toxicity. Drug metabolism will be introduced and approaches to how organic drug candidates can be synthesized will be covered as well.

Why Chemistry at Fredonia?

Independent research

Fredonia conducts faculty research with undergraduates, who then go on to the best graduate programs in molecular biology and analytical chemistry.

Continuous funding

Research funding gives students opportunities to work in research labs in the summer to enhance their education.


$2 million in equipment upgrades in Fredonia's state-of-the-art facility, you will gain valuable experience with cutting-edge equipment that will prepare you for the next step.

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