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Biochemistry Department

Biochemistry is at the core of modern science, enabling fundamental advances in medicine, agriculture, industry and basic science. Indeed, biochemists conduct some of the most exciting research in science today and careers in biochemistry rank among the highest on almost every published list of "Best Careers." Our B.S. in Biochemistry degree program (administered jointly by the Biology and Chemistry Departments) is among the most comprehensive in the northeast. With its core emphasis on mastery of technical and analytical skills in biochemistry, our program is designed to prepare students for graduate school, medical school, or careers in biochemical research. It also provides a broad foundation in the liberal arts, enhancing our graduates' abilities to meet challenges in a shifting social climate. Our program offers a unique flexibility in that students can choose between two tracks: one with a chemical emphasis for studying molecular structure and function, and a biological emphasis which enables students to apply a biochemical perspective to physiological problems.

As you may already know, the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department has moved into our new science building. The department will receive over 2 million dollars in new equipment. You will have the opportunity to use equipment that most undergraduate students only read about and never get hands-on experience with. This will give you an advantage when you graduate and start looking for a job or at graduate programs.

All students who select a biochemistry major on their application are considered for the Mary Marletta Biochemistry scholarship. Selection of the scholarship recipient is based on high school GPA, student ranking, letters of recommendation, and SAT scores. The College also offers additional scholarships.

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