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Fall 2019 Awards Ceremony

We just held our Fall 2019 Award Celebration with lots of students receiving awards and scholarships - over $55,000 worth!

Fall awards 2019

From left to right, front row: Kaycie Malyk (Dingledy Physical Chemistry Award), Angela Nichols (Gavin Family Scholarship, Organic Chemistry Award, Royal Society of Chemistry Certificate of Excellence), Kelsey Wolfe (Dingledy Scholar).

back row: Swar Dakein (Our Future Research Award), Brent Buxton (Mary J Marletta Scholarship), Alexander Frank (Gavin Family Scholarship), Christopher O'Connor (Dr. Jerome H Supple Scholarship), Zachary Pasquale (Carolyn Ruth Moos Chemistry Scholarship)

Not in Photo: Andrew Ernst (General Chemistry Award).

Fall 2019 Research Student Lab Coat Ceremony

Lab coat F2019

Students just starting independent research are "lab coated" each year after our Fall Party.

Spring 2019 Awards Ceremony

Eight awards to five students as Alex Green won FOUR awards this semester!

S19 awards

Left to right: Alexander Green (Borriello & Casden Chemistry Award, Gilbert & Ruth Outstanding Senior, Keller Outstanding Research, Kumler Outstanding Senior Seminar), Kaycie Malyk (Outstanding Teaching Assistant), Garrett Olrogg (Costanza's Greenhouse Award), Cordelia Beck-Horton (Thumm Analytical Award), Mallory Thomas (Van Valkenburg Service Award).

The Frank J. Costanza's Greenhouse Memorial Fund Award recognized student exemplary academic and research performance while employed. Garrett Olrogg demonstrated consistent high achievement across the board during the year while working an outside job and was very deserving of this award. Mallory Thomas, the president of Chemistry Club was awarded the Dorthy Van Valkenburg Service Award for her dedication and hard work at service to the department. Kaycie Malyk was awarded the Outstanding Teaching Assistant for the second time! Her passion for teaching is really an inspiration to all. The Byron A. Thum Scholarship is awarded to a student who has the highest grades in both semesters of analytical chemistry. This award was v-given to Cordelia Beck-Horton.

Alex Greene finalist for the Chancellor's Award

The Chancellor's Award is given to State University of New York students who have best demonstrated their integration of academic excellence with other aspects of their lives, which may include leadership, campus involvement, athletics, career achievement, community service or creative or performing arts. Ales also won the Best Oral Presentation at the American Chemical Society WNY Undergraduate Symposium. He was also presented with the Student Award from the NY section of the Society for Applied Spectroscopy.


Alex also received 4 awards including the Raffaele Borriello, M.D. and Suzanne T. Casden and the Roy Keller Awards that recognizes exemplary dedication to research. Alex also won the Dr. Phillip Kumler Award which is given to the student who gave the best senior seminar. Alex was awarded the Gilbert and Ruth Moos Award (Outstanding Senior Award) for his overall achievement in academics, research and service to the department.

Fall 2018 Award Ceremony

This Fall we celebrated the accomplishments of fourteen outstanding students!

F 18 awards

From left to right.Front Row: Emma Brownlie (Costello Environmental Scholarship), Angela Nichols (General Chemistry Award), Jonathan DeMaria (Gavin Family Scholarship), Kathryn Fink (Dingledy Physical Chemistry Award)

Back row: Taylor Merkel (Kelly/Kaminski Scholarship), Chardonay Oliver (Mary J Marletta Scholarship), Laurel Finson (Organic Chemistry Award, Royal Society of Chemistry Certificate of Excellence), Cordelia Beck-Horton (Gavin Family Scholarship), Kaycie Malyk (Gavin Family Scholarship), Bradley Brown (Dingledy Scholar), Alexander Green (Our Future Research Award, American Chemical Society Award for Inog=rganic Chemistry (a national award!), Costanza's Greenhouse Memorial Award), Mengden Chen (Supple Memorial Scholarship).

Spring 2018 Award Ceremony

Eight Awards were presented this May.

S 18 awards

From left to right: Mallory Thomas (Constanza's Greenhouse Memorial Award), Ethan Whitver (Thomm Analytical Award), Kathleen Hayes (Borriello & Casden Chemistry Award), Abigail Venskus (Outstanding Teaching Assistant), Ashley Gadzo (Outstanding Teaching Assistant), Kelly Hider (Keller Outstanding Research Award), Jack Choczynski (Kumler Senior Seminar Award), Joseph Crescente (Borriello & Casden Chemistry Award). Honorable mention: Megan MacIntyre (Making a Difference Endowment Scholarship), Mallory Thomas (Making a Difference Endowment Scholarship), Kathleen Hayes (Finalist for the SUNY Chancellor Student Award) .

Fall 2017 Award Ceremony

The Chemistry and Biochemistry department held their Fall 2017 Award Ceremony on December 7, 2017. The Department distributed over $55,000 in student awards and scholarships. These include awards for outstanding performance in courses, research and for student recruitment.

F 2017 awards

Front row: Jessica Schimek, Claudia White, Kathleen Hayes, Kathryn Fink, and Angela Nichols. Back Row: Cordelia Beck-Horton, Kaycie Malyk, Emily Lasher, Alain Moffett, Ashley Wertz, Brianne Weichbrodt, Bradly Brown, Spencer Higbee, and Jonathan DeMaria

Fall 2017 Research Student Lab Coat Ceremony

lab coats F17

In September, the Department kicked off the semester with an undergraduate research student party and distributed new lab coats to all student participating in research. This semester there are over 20 students actively engaged in research with faculty. Research projects range from the study of micro-plastics, quantifying environmental pollutants, synthesis of organometallic complexes, organic synthesis, and nucleic acids structure determination.

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