Chemistry Students

Mission Statement and Student Learning Outcomes

Dr. Matthew Fountain with StudentMission Statement

The goals of the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry are to prepare its majors with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills for: (a) advanced study in chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering, related disciplines or professional programs (MD, DDS, DVM, etc.); (b) careers in industrial, environmental, and governmental laboratories; (c) careers in teaching. The Department is certified by the American Chemical Society Committee on Professional Training and follows its prescribed curriculum. The Department strongly believes in the value of rigorous course work combined with practical experience, and so most advanced students participate in undergraduate research projects supervised by the faculty.

Student Learning Outcomes

Chem Student1. For each student to acquire a broad, basic knowledge base in the chemical sciences. Major areas include: general chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, inorganic chemistry and physical chemistry

2. For each student to be adequately prepared for employment in industry, government labs or secondary education or to pursue graduate education in chemistry, related disciplines or professional schools.

3. For each student to be able to search, read and critically evaluate chemical literature. Additionally, to be able to report scientific results clearly and accurately by both written and oral expression


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