Biology Department Mission and Student Learning Outcomes


The mission of the Biology Department at Fredonia is to provide excellent instruction in all areas of Biological Science from molecules to ecosystems. Through rigorous student centered programs of study, we aspire to produce graduates who are well-prepared to enter graduate and professional programs and a wide variety of career opportunities. Through our contribution to general education, we strive to bring to the broader community of students, a greater understanding of the natural world and the process of scientific thinking. As a part of the scientific community, the Department values faculty scholarship, not only for the creation of new knowledge, but also as a means to better inform our faculty teaching and to provide meaningful opportunities for collaboration with students in the practice of science. We recognize our important role within the University, the region, and in promoting scientific literacy and understanding in the wider community.

Student Learning Outcomes

The Biology Department has three primary Student Learning Outcomes (SLO), and assesses student ability in these areas:

SLO 1: Majors in the Biology Department should be able to communicate scientific observations, analyses, and arguments and to critically evaluate the scientific merit of articles and/or lectures.

SLO 2: Majors in the Biology Department should possess a solid comprehension of basic principles in the biological sciences, the nature of science, and the basis of scientific laws and theories.

SLO 3: Majors in the Biology Department should be able to design experiments, and collect, analyze, and interpret data.

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