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The Biology Department offers the smaller class sizes and individualized advising of a small college, and the diverse programs, course offerings and research opportunities of a larger university. You'll find the best of both worlds in the Biology Department at the State University of New York at Fredonia.

Science Center

We are located in the $60 million Science Center, completed in 2015. The Biology and Chemistry departments have $5 million worth of cutting edge tools and instrumentation; all of which are used by students in teaching and research labs.

Diverse programs

We offer five undergraduate programs of study in Biology, Exercise Science, Medical Technology, Molecular Genetics and Biology Adolescence Education; enabling students to prepare for diverse opportunities in employment, and graduate or professional school. The department also offers two masters programs (Biology Thesis and Non-Thesis) in Biology which offers students advanced preparation for PhD programs and professional school, as well as for advanced employment opportunities.

Freshman Experience

Our course, ‘Studying for Success’ helps students develop time management, organizational and study skills. Required lectures and labs are kept small to ensure students can work closely with their instructors. Students learn through lectures, small group activities, inquiry based learning and laboratories. The University Learning Center offers tutoring services for many courses.

Small class sizes

Course enrollment is limited to ensure faculty-student interaction. Upper level courses typically have between 10 and 25 students, and laboratory sections have a maximum of 24 students to ensure that each student has hands-on experience with the equipment being used.

Personalized advisement

All Biology Department students are advised by Biology faculty. Our students meet with their advisors regularly to receive individualized guidance about their programs, career options and course scheduling.

Excellence in Teaching and Research

Biology faculty are committed to excellence in classroom and laboratory instruction and are diverse in their research undertakings. Our faculty have been the recipients of the President's Award for Excellence in Teaching, the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching, the Kasling Memorial Award, the William T. and Charlotte N. Hagan Young Scholar/Artist Award, and have published many articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals and received major grant funding from the National Science Foundation.

Senior Capstone

As preparation for graduate school, professional school or employment, our students complete a senior capstone experience. Options include research, internships or courses that examine specialized biological problems from a variety of perspectives. Senior capstones combine significant learning experiences in problem solving, written communication and oral presentation.

Research opportunities

Take a look in our research labs and you’ll find students and faculty working together: Investigating the molecular switches associated with numerous forms of cancer; Studying sexual cannibalism in praying mantids; Assessing bacterial pollution in local lakes and creeks; Following the impact of exercise on muscle function and structure; Investigating how green algae can be used to make biofuels.

Many students perform mentored undergraduate research under the supervision of a Biology professor during the academic year for which they earn course credit. Students can also perform research in the summer, and fellowships are available to fund the projects. These fellowships provide a generous stipend and materials budget ($3500) for student researchers. Students who participate in research have the opportunity to present the results of their research at the Fredonia Research and Creativity Expo, and at regional, statewide or national scientific meetings. Students have also co-authored research articles with their faculty advisors.

We also offer a Biology Honors program for academically talented students, affording them the opportunity to perform research at an advanced level.


You’ll find our students off-campus performing internships in hospital laboratories, health departments,environmental agencies, doctors offices, pharmacies, veterinary clinics, zoos, museums, OT clinics, PT clinics, forensic labs and many other facilities. Other students have performed on-campus practicums in our department greenhouse and natural history museum.

Student Activities

Biology Department students connect with the community by participating in beach and creek clean ups, in the removal of invasive plant species, and in fundraisers for local charities. Members of the Biology Club, Beta Beta Beta Honor Society, and the Health Professions Club clubs find time to enjoy white water rafting, visit zoos and museums, host pot luck dinners, and participate in scavenger hunts and movie nights.

There's plenty to explore here, so please take some time to check us out. And watch our Facebook page to keep up with our latest discoveries and events.

Biology Department

  • 221 Science Center State University of New York at Fredonia Fredonia, NY 14063

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