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What is undergraduate research?

Undergraduate research is ‘an inquiry or investigation conducted by a student that makes an original or creative contribution to the discipline’ From the Council on Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research is an educational collaboration between the undergraduate student and faculty member. Our faculty are active scholars, and regularly involve undergraduate students in their research endeavors. Research projects involve inquiry, experimental design, investigation, data analysis and drawing conclusions and take place on and off campus, in labs and in natural environments. Students can perform research during the academic year and/or summer and can fill the senior capstone requirement by doing research. Fellowships for summer research are available for our students.

Research students often present their findings in a variety of ways: through oral presentations, published articles and posters at on campus exhibitions and conferences at the local, state or national level.

Student Posing With a Fish They Caught Student Working in a Lab Students Examine a Specimen on a Dock Students Giving a Presentation


What is the benefit of performing research?

Undergraduate research students benefit in many ways from the experience:

  • They gain a better understanding of biology and the opportunity to learn something new
  • They hone problem solving skills, develop critical thinking skills, learn how to work collaboratively with their research team.
  • Career exploration – many science jobs require research, you won’t know if you like it unless you try it!
  • Research is challenging, but the sense of accomplishment is great when the project and presentations are complete.
  • One-on-one faculty mentorship increases student learning.
  • Great to have on your resume, as many professional programs (like medical school), graduate schools and employers value research.
  • Students performing research often have more detailed letters of recommendation from faculty mentors.

Capstone Research – All our seniors are required to complete a Senior Capstone. A research experience that combines significant learning experiences with written communication and oral presentation skills fulfills the requirements for this capstone experience.

Read what some of our research students say about their experiences:

Meaghan Griffin Aman Kumar Philip Frankino
Jennifer Russo Kawthr Sendi  

See what are former students say about their research experiences here!

Student Using a Microscope in a Lab Students Working in the Water Out in the Field Students Examining Plants in the Forest Two Students Performing an Experiment

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