Current Faculty Research Interests

Active student participation in research projects is strongly encouraged. We
value student research, and provide active mentoring and financial support.
Our students have presented their research results at meetings and employers,
graduate and professional schools value their Fredonia research experiences.
The Holmberg Foundation, Constantine Barker Memorial Fund, and the
Merck/AAAS Foundation provide summer stipends for student researchers.

Biology Faculty

Research Interests

Ms. Patricia Astry, Biology Chair: 673-3283
Contact for Medical Technology and Pre-allied health

Immunology/Microbiology – Immunodiagnostics – Diagnosing infectious disease through the detection of antibodies.

See Professor Astry's bio for details.

Dr. Todd Backes: 673-3362
Contact for Exercise Science

Applied Human Physiology - Study of how the physiological stress of acute and chronic exercise affects cognitive function. Study of how dehydration and fluid consumption affects exercise performance.

See Dr. Backes' page for details.

Dr. William Brown: 673-3620
Contact for Adolescence Education

Ecology and Evolution – Study of the ecology of cooperation and conflict in animal social groups and mating systems.

See Dr. Brown's page for details.

Dr. Scott Ferguson: 673-4883
Contact for Molecular Genetics

Molecular Biology – The use of genetic and cell biological approaches to further our understanding of the developmental factors that pattern the Drosophila oocyte.

See Dr. Ferguson's page for details.

Dr. Matthew Fountain: 673-3287
Contact for Biochemistry

Biochemistry – The structural biology of RNA hairpin loops and the binding of regulator proteins to DNA.

See Dr. Fountain's page for details.

Dr. Frederick Harrington: 673-4958

Physiology – The study of the growth of green algae in varying environmental conditions and the production of biofuel precursors.

See Dr. Harrington's page for details.

Dr. Karry Kazial: 673-3284
Contact for Graduate Studies

Animal Behavior – Current research focuses on acoustic communication in bats and bat-insect interactions.

See Dr. Kazial's page for details.


Dr. Jonathan Kniss: 673-3820


Developmental Biology - The developing Zebrafish lateral line is used as a system to conduct genetic, molecular and cell biological experiments to better understand cell migration, organ formation and regeneration.

Dr. Theodore Lee: 673-3816
Contact for Pre -medicine, -dentistry, -optometry, -veterinary medicine

Molecular Biology – The molecular regulation of gene expression in bacteria. Identification of bacteria by analysis of 16S rRNA gene.

See Dr. Lee's page for details.

Dr. Scott Medler: 673-3360

Vertebrate Physiology – Skeletal muscle structure, function, and plasticity. Identification of skeletal muscle fiber types in relation to muscle function and plasticity.

See Dr. Medler's page for details.

Dr. Nick Quintyne: 673-3821

Cell Biology - Examination of the dynamics of microtubule and microtubule associated protein regulation throughout the cell cycle.

See Dr. Quintyne's page for details.

Dr. Jonathan Titus: 673-3818

Plant Biology – Development of plant communities in primary succession.

See Dr. Titus' page for details.

Dr. Courtney Wigdahl-Perry: 673-4622

Aquatic Ecology: Effects of environmental changes on lakes, focusing on plankton ecology and water quality.

See Dr. Wigdahl-Perry's page for details.


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