Chemistry & Biochemistry Open House

Welcome to Fredonia’s Chemistry and Biochemistry online open house.  This web page provides a brief overview of the department and what opportunities we provide our students.


BS Chemistry

We offer a standard track as well as an American Chemical Society approved track which has additional courses and lab requirements.

BS  Biochemistry

This program is for students interested in molecular biology, genetics, health related professions, biochemistry, and biophysics.

BS Adolescence Education in Chemistry

In this program students receive a BS in Chemistry with coursework leading towards teacher certification.

PDF handouts for each program. This includes course requirements, four year course map, faculty research and scholarships.

Science Center

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry as well as the Department of Biology are located in the new $60 million Fredonia Science Center. The Science Center is designed to be a student-centered learning environment with spaces for students to interact with other students and faculty outside the class. The two departments share $4.2 million in new instrumentation that is commonly found in PhD graduate programs and industry.  Many students get hands-on experience using these instruments giving them an advantage when looking for a job or applying to graduate programs.  A few videos showing research and learning labs, instrument rooms, as well as study areas can be found below.  If you want to see more go on the virtual tour and utilize the 360-degree panoramic feature.

Virtual Campus Tour

Sample Undergraduate Teaching, Research and Instrument Rooms.

Student Research  

Our students have the opportunity to conduct research in a number of areas ranging from quantifying environmental pollutants to drug design. They are using state of the art techniques  on  instruments common in  industry and PhD graduate programs. I have included a few videos of students below.  For a complete list of student research projects go to the student research project link.  Undergraduate research is not only an objective of the department, students are encouraged to present their research at local, regional and national meetings.  These are highlighted in our News  link.   If  you want more information on our instrumentation  go to the instrument link. 

News    Student Research Projects    Instruments

Scholarships and Awards

The Department has numerous scholarship and awards. Some are to recruit students to the department but most are for students already in the program.  These awards range from $100 to $8,000.  For a complete list of scholarships and awards go to the link below.

Scholarships and Awards.

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