Student Projects

Research Projects

Jonathan DeMaria  (Chemistry and Applied Physics Senior) Evaluation of different force fields on the structure of RNA hairpin loops using  AMBER.

Angela Nichols (Biochemistry Senior)  and  Kaitlyn Cook  (Biochemistry  Junior) Using fluorescence to study the binding of ciprofloxacin:europium complexes  to DNA containing mismatched base pairs. Video Angela with Spectrofluorometer  Research poster Angela's  and Alex's Spring 2020 ACS poster 

Angela Nichols (Biochemistry Senior) Structure of DNA duplexes containing mismatched base pairs using NMR and molecular modeling. 

Alexander Frank (Biochemistry Senior) Structures of small molecules bound to the CUG triple repeat associated with the muscle degenerative disease myotonic dystrophy using NMR and molecular modeling.  Video Alex Structure Determination using NMR

Kelsey Wolfe(Biochemistry Junior)  and  Kaitlyn Cook (Biochemistry Junior) In silico docking of small molecules to COVID-19 proteins and RNA as well as RNAs associated with myotonic dystrophy and Huntington's. Bioinformatics of COVID-19 RNA sequences to identify potential therapeutic targets.

Sarah Kurbs (Chemistry Junior) Analysis of cardiotonic steroids from fireflies using liquid-chromatography/mass spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.  

Aslam Haroon (Biochemistry Senior) Analysis of amino-acid toxins found in the box elder Bug, Boisea trivittata,  by chemical derivatization and mass-spectral analysis. 

Angela Nichols (Biochemistry Senior) Synthesis of chalcone analogs utilizing a modified Suzuki coupling for use as potential tubulin binding agents.
Kevin Crosta (Biochemistry Senior) Design and synthesis of B-ring modified combretastatin analogs for use as potential chemotherapeutic agents.
Brandon McDonald (Biochemistry Senior) Synthesis of colchicine binding agents utilizing a Suzuki coupling method of biaryl ring systems.


Research Posters

  1. SHAPE structure determination of IRES

  2. poster 1

  3. poster 2 

  4. Structure of a RNA triple repeats


Posters From Advanced Experimental Biochemistry course.

  1. Green Fluorescent Protein  

  2. Bacterial Identification using MALDI-TOF

  3. NMR structure determination DNA  

  4. Using Fluorescent Resonance Energy Transfer to measure the length of DNA.  


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