Visual Arts and New Media studio in the Rockefeller Arts Center Addition.

Areas of Study

The links above direct you to information relating to a specific area of study.  Below are links to the degree requirements for the various degrees offered by Visual Arts and New Media.  

Degree Options

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Art History

The BA degree in Art History is an interdisciplinary, liberal arts program focused on the history of art and architecture.  It provides an excellent background for students wishing to pursue graduate study or careers in a number of fields, including museum and gallery professions, art conservation, visual resources management, secondary education, and arts administration.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Visual Arts and New Media

The BA degree allows students to combine their artistic interests with other areas of study in Fredonia’s broad Liberal Arts curriculum.  Course work provides technical, conceptual, creative, and aesthetic development in studio art and allows concentration in a favored medium.  The BA in Visual Arts and New Media easily joins with majors or minors in other academic disciplines for a broad-based and well‐rounded education.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

The BFA degree requires intensive work in the visual arts studios supported by a program of general education. Students complete rigorous, in‐depth courses in a preferred studio area and work to discover their own artistic voice with a high level of technical, conceptual, creative, and aesthetic development.

Degree Requirements

The links below direct you to the University Catalog which lists specific requirements for each degree.  

Minors in Visual Arts and New Media

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