Visual Arts and New Media studio in the Rockefeller Arts Center Addition.

Student Learning Outcomes

Visual Arts and New Media Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. To utilize and expand critical thinking skills, the ability to comprehend and to analyze information through the careful consideration of evidence and the application of reasoned argument.
  2. To practice and improve analytical writing, the appropriate, accurate and effective use of written words to communicate ideas, explain evidence, and support assertions.
  3. To promote effective oral communication through the practice of various kinds of public speaking such as classroom presentations as well as individual and/or group critiques.
  4. To enhance visual sophistication and interpretation through the development of craftsmanship, the refinement of conceptual issues, and the expansion of artistic awareness.
  5. To advance scholarly expertise and professional preparation through the practice of in-depth research, the application of knowledge to one’s own body of work, and the improvement of professional readiness and sophistication.

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