Academic Advising

Registration is conducted each semester prior to leaving for summer and winter recess. All students must register for at least 12 credit hours of academic course work via the web. Students must meet with their advisors to receive their PIN cards and discuss course selection. Registration may be done in the EDP Computer Lab. Course offerings are available on line. If you owe a bill, you will NOT be allowed to register. A course load may not exceed 18 credit hours Ms. Skemer assists Natselyne with her course scheduleunless approved by the student’s advisor and dean. Courses and grades are available via the Internet at, click on Your Connection

Liberal Arts Students
If a student has not declared a major in a particular discipline, he/she is considered to be a Liberal Arts student. The student will be assigned to an EDP counselor for advisement. Appointments for advisement and assistance in exploring the variety of majors, selecting a major, and understanding college procedures and policies should be set up with the EDP counselor. Once the major has been declared, the student is assigned a faculty advisor, but the EDP counselor is available to help with advising questions or issues throughout the student's time at Fredonia. The college's Academic Advising is also an excellent resource for any Liberal Arts questions. Back to Top

Students with a Declared Major
In addition to the assigned faculty advisor, the EDP counselor will assist in the development of course schedules and the interpretation of college policies and procedures. The student is responsible for maintaining frequent contact with both the EDP counselor and the faculty advisor who work together in monitoring the student's academic progress.

Schedule Changes

All drops, adds, and course withdrawals must be approved by the EDP counselor to ensure that the student maintains an appropriate course load and does not jeopardize financial aid. Student should meet with their counselor to discuss such schedule changes. The procedure for such changes can be found in the college catalog.

Contact the Office of the Registrar for answers to these questions:

Academic Forgiveness Policies: Policies and Procedures

Updated application forms may be found on the Registrar's webpage.

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