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Information about student forms can be found below:

Forms for Prospective Grad Students

Request Permission to Take Graduate Courses as an Undergraduate Complete this form if you would like to take graduate coursework while still an undergraduate. The course may be taken for undergraduate credit OR future graduate credit at Fredonia.
Graduate Reinstatement Application Complete this form if you previously enrolled in a graduate program and withdrew from or did not return to your program. If you were approved for an academic leave of absence, you do not have to fill out this form.


Forms for Currently Enrolled Grad Students

Independent Study Contract This contract must be completed, signed, and turned in to your advisor.
Transfer Credit Approval A maximum of 9 credits can be acquired from previous universities at the graduate level.
Permission to Waive Credit Hour Limit Use this form to request a waiver of the maximum credit hours allowed for the following conditions: semester (maximum=15), transfer credit (maximum=9), summer session (maximum=6 per session), non-degree study (maximum=9).
Graduate Course Repeat Petition Complete this form if you received a lower than desired grade and wish to repeat a graduate course. A maximum of two graduate courses may be repeated.

Graduate Program Change Application

Complete a program change application when you wish to apply for admittance to a new degree program (similar to the undergraduate change of major). Please note that you may have to submit additional department requirements.
Request for Academic Leave Complete this form if you need to temporarily leave your degree program. If approved, you will not have to fill out a reinstatement application upon your return (maximum duration of each leave is 2 semesters).
Request to Enroll in Undergraduate Courses for Graduate Credit Complete this form to request permission to take an undergraduate course for graduate credit. Requires departmental support/recommendation.
Withdrawal Form Complete this form if it becomes necessary for you to withdraw completely from your degree program.
Work Completion Contract Complete this form to apply for an extension for your final project (e.g. thesis).
Application for Degree Available only in the Registrar's Office. Please check the Registrar's website for application deadline dates.

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