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Tutoring Services is staffed by students from nearly all disciplines offered at Fredonia.  These students have demonstrated a high level of academic achievement and come highly recommended by faculty in their majors.  They are provided training to help support students through the learning process.

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Halle (3rd Year Writing Tutor)

Halle Writing Tutor

Greetings all! My name is Halle and I go by she/her pronouns. This is my fifth and final year at SUNY Fredonia as an English Education major. My super senior year is a little more relaxed compared to past years, but if I am on campus I am most likely reading under a tree or contributing to the music scene on campus and in the community. I highly recommend students to come up to the fourth floor of the library and chat with us tutors. College is hard. Embrace the opportunity to receive academic assistance from fellow peers who know exactly how it feels to be a stressed student. We can work together!

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