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Tutoring Services is staffed by students from nearly all disciplines offered at Fredonia.  These students have demonstrated a high level of academic achievement and come highly recommended by faculty in their majors.  They are provided training to help support students through the learning process.

Tutor Spotlight - Anna 

Anna Music Tutor

My name is Anna (she/her) and I am a senior music education major from Livonia, New York. On campus, I am involved in the SOTA club and participate in the Hillman Operas and Opera Scenes. My biggest tip for college success (especially music majors) is to stay organized with a google calendar and to keep a consistent practice schedule. It is so easy to forget rehearsals, auditions, or meetings if you don't write them down and to fall behind in classes if you aren't practicing. Other than that, enjoy spending time with your friends outside of classes - the four years go by quickly

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