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How to Use Tutoring Services

Tutoring is available on a drop-in basis, meaning you don't need to sign-up or schedule an appointment. Just visit our center during regularly scheduled hours to work with a tutor.

Tutors Can:

  • Help you understand and complete your coursework
  • Explain concepts, whether general or advanced
  • Work through different examples of the problems giving you trouble
  • Help you build confidence to work out problems on your own
  • Give notetaking and studying advice
  • Help discover specifically what you can do to better your skills in a subject area

Tutors Cannot:

  • Substitute for your professor, who is best-equipped to answer questions specific to your class
  • Magically help you meet a deadline if you waited too long to start an assignment
  • Do your homework problems for you
  • Write or rewrite major portions of your papers
  • Help you with assignments that your professor wants you to do by yourself, like take-home tests

To Best Use Tutoring Services:

  • Take careful notes in class and try to understand them
  • Put forth serious effort in your work
  • See your professor, especially with questions about the lectures and assignments
  • Bring your textbook, notes, assignments, and specific questions with you.
  • Consider visiting in a small group, if there are others in your class who want help too
  • Take a tutoring schedule with you after your first visit so you know when to come back
  • Never wait until the last minute!

Please Remember:

  • We do the best we can to be a productive supplement to your own work.
  • We don't give you the answers, we help you find them.

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