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About Fredonia's 3-1-3 Early College Admit Program

SUNY Fredonia’s 3-1-3 Program is intended for local high school seniors who are eager to get a head start on their college education! They do so by enrolling in SUNY Fredonia classes while also completing their final year of high school. 

At the time of acceptance and enrollment in the program, 3-1-3 students are considered to be SUNY Fredonia students in many ways! For example, students enrolled in the 3-1-3 Program do not need to reapply to Fredonia as a first-year student following the completion of their senior year and successful graduation from high school. Certain materials are required for continuation however, such as a final official high school transcript. 

Other resources students can enjoy include: 

How it works 


High school students in this program are assigned a dedicated 3-1-3 advisor. This advisor provides guidance on pre-enrollment requirements, academic advising and course selection, as well as future academic planning. The 3-1-3 advisor maintains contact with the student’s high school counselor to ensure balance between both high school and collegiate schedules. The 3-1-3 advisor will also inform the student’s high school counselor with the student’s midterm and final grades so they may be applied to a student’s high school average and transcript. 


Annual Information Meeting

To learn more about the program and if it is a good fit for you, please attend our Informational Zoom Meeting held on February 27, 2024 at 6:00 p.m. For more information and link to attend, please click the button below.


JANUARY - APRIL 1: Apply to the 3-1-3 Program

DEADLINE TO APPLY IS APRIL 1 (Students wanting to start in the spring semester should contact the office at 716-673-4969 for further instructions.)
  1. Complete the SUNY Application to Fredonia. 
    • Select the 0199 Early Admissions code on the application under the academic major section
  2. Submit a copy of your High School Transcripts (required) and your PSAT/SAT/ACT (optional) scores to the Office of Admissions.
  3. A recommendation letter from your School Counselor sent to the Office of Admissions (required).

*Home schooled students are required to submit a letter from their sponsoring school district superintendent, along with copies of their home instruction curriculum, instead of a high school transcript and school counselor letter. 

MAY - JUNE: Academic Advising & Course Selection

  1. Academic Advising for Fall course selection may occur at a student’s high school or virtually through a Zoom meeting. This is a time when students meet individually with their 3-1-3 advisor to discuss course options, goals for participation, and future plans. 

JULY - AUGUST: Semester Preparation & Enrollment Items

  1. 3-1-3 Orientation: Students must complete an online 3-1-3 Orientation mini-course within their FREDLearn account between July 1 - August 1. This mini-course explains important Fredonia and 3-1-3 specific information, as well as about how to complete certain mandatory enrollment items. 
  2. Jump Start Day: Students must attend a specific 3-1-3 student Jump Start Day that takes place within the first two weeks of August. During this ½ day program, students will complete final enrollment items such as obtaining their Fredonia ID Card (FREDCard), discovering where their classes will take place, information about what to expect during the first week of classes, and more.

AUGUST 26, 2024: Classes Begin

Students participate in the 3-1-3 Program for varying reasons and have different academic goals. The two most common pathways students follow to achieve these academic goals are outlined below. Although, many students often participate in a combination of both!

Pathway 1: Early Completion Fast Track

This option focuses on meeting high school graduation requirements through college courses that simultaneously fulfill Fredonia Foundations, or general education, requirements wherever possible.

Pathway 2: Exploration of Interest & Potential Academic Majors

This option allows a student to explore different academic areas and topics that may be associated with a potential major or interest. These courses typically fulfill elective credits at a student’s high school, as well as potentially fulfill requirements that are part of the Fredonia Foundations general education curriculum

Course Options

Most students take two courses in the Fall semester and two courses in the Spring semester, providing them with 12 credits, or close to a semester's worth of full-time coursework once they have successfully completed the program. Students may take up to four or five courses based on their schedule availability and ability to pay. 3-1-3 students are able to enroll in 100 and 200 level courses, only. Please refer to the Student Handbook for more information on what courses are available to 3-1-3 students.

This handbook acts as a guide for prospective students, as well as current students in the program. Please refer to this handbook for policies, example courses, skills needed for program success, and more.

3-1-3 Student Handbook

Cost of participation

The cost depends on how many credits a student chooses to take per semester. Most classes are 3 credits, however some courses might be 4-credits, or require a 1-credit lab to accompany a course.  Payment of a student’s eBill would be due prior to the beginning of each semester.  There are payment plans available to spread the cost over multiple due dates, however financial aid is not applicable to this experience since participating students have not yet graduated from high school, and therefore do not qualify for state or federal financial aid. Families who have contributed to 529 Savings Plans are often able to use those funds towards paying tuition for the 3-1-3 Program.

2023 - 2024 Cost per credit hour (tuition & fees)

Tuition & Fees$1096.65$1462.20 $2193.30$3289.95$4385.50


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