Students Interested in 3-1-3

Fredonia offers the 3-1-3 Early Admission Program as an opportunity for high school seniors to enroll in classes here on Fredonia's campus.

What classes do I take?

Students generally take two courses in the fall and two courses in the spring. You can take more, but it depends on your high school schedule and ability to pay. Students tend to take advantage of this program in one of two ways; either by using it as a way to complete high school requirements while earning college credit, such as English, Government, or Economics here at Fredonia, or as a way to explore an academic major or interest. We offer academic support and guidance throughout the program.

The fall semester runs from the end of August until the second or third week in December. The spring semester runs from the third week in January through the third week in May.

To learn, more attend out Informational Meeting held on Wednesday, February 5, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. in the Williams Center.

    The application process begins late January through the end of April.  

    1. SUNY APPLICATION:  3-1-3 Students need to complete the SUNY application online to be considered for admission into the program. Once you create a new application, under the Program or Academic Major selection, please select the following major code to apply for the 3-1-3 program at The State University of New York at Fredonia:  0199 Early Admissions Program
    2. HIGH SCHOOL TRANSCRIPTS & STANDARDIZED TEST SCORES: To participate in this program, we do require a copy of high school transcripts and either PSAT, SAT or ACT scores. Upon completion of the 3-1-3 program, if a student plans to continue at Fredonia after high school graduation, we do require SAT or ACT scores and a final high school transcript, but is not needed at the time of application.
    3. LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION: Students must obtain a letter from their school counselor in support of their participation in this program.

    See your School Counseling Office for information regarding the application process and codes. To find out what criteria are used to determine admission into the 3-1-3 Program, contact the Office of Admissions at 716-673-3251 or


    There is no financial aid for 3-1-3 students. Please visit: for a look at tuition and fees. 3-1-3 students pay per credit hour.  Questions regarding costs of the 3-1-3 Program should be directed to Mr. Cory Bezek, Executive Director of Enrollment Services. Please email him at

    FYI:  A 529 Savings Plan may be used to address costs for the 3-1-3 Program.  In addition, some families are eligible for income tax credits for educational expenses.  See a professional tax accountant for information. We encourage you to check out, a FREE searchable scholarship database for college students, including high school seniors.

    January - April

    • Students may apply via the SUNY Application before April 1.
    • The office of New Student and Transtion Programs will contact guidance counselors about applicants once applications are recieved to discuss the appropriate academic plan.


    • Accepted students will be notified and asked to submit a $50 deposit to hold their spot by May 1, 2019
    • The Director of New Student and Transiton Programs and advisors will begin school visits beginning the second or third week in May. At that time students will register for classes for the Fall semester.


    • In early August, the Office of New Student & Transition Programs will hold an on-campus Jump Start day for 3-1-3 students. This is a time where students prepare for enrollment, tour campus, answer last minute questions, review academic expectations, build a success plan, and process their FREDCard.
    • Feel free to contact The Office of New Student and Transition Programs Office at 716-673-4969 with questions.

    After participating in the 3-1-3 program during a student's senior year of high school, students may choose between two options:

    1.  CONTINUE AT FREDONIA: Students may continue to take courses at Fredonia as a full-time student by declaring an academic major and registering for courses for the next Fall. In order to do this option, students must send SAT or ACT scores, as well as a final high school transcript to the Office of Admissions. This will allow students to also be considered for merit-based scholarships.
    2.  TRANSFER TO A DIFFERENT INSTITUTION: Students may also choose to transfer to a new institution. A student must complete a Withdrawal Form through the Academic Advising Office and then request their Fredonia transcripts to be sent to the new institution through the Office of the Registrar.  The new college or university will then complete a transfer course equivelency to see how your Fredonia credits will transfer to their institution.

    For those who participate in the 3-1-3 program, but choose not attend Fredonia or took a year off from attending college,  may certainly be reconsidered for enrollment in the future.   If you did NOT attend at least 1 semester at Fredonia directly following high school graduation, you have not "completed" your 3-1-3 Pathway program will need to reapply to Fredonia using the SUNY Application.

    • Former 3-1-3 Students who did not attend or complete any college level coursework following would apply as a New Student/Freshman online.
    • Former 3-1-3 Students who did attend another college or completed college level coursework following your high school graduation should apply as Transfer student.




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